Poetry Workshop

Course code ENGL6006
Not available in 2016


This course offers advanced training for students who are working towards a publishable collection of poetry. Students will read contemporary world poetry to extend their creative range. They also learn to work with drafts and envision their work as a coherent collection.


Not currently available.

Learning Outcomes

1. An awareness of the trends in contemporary poetry;

2. A detailed understanding of the techniques involved in shaping a good poem and collection;

3. Core skills in written and oral communication, in textual analysis and in creative practice.


As good poets devour poetry all the time, students will embark on an intensive reading program, focussing on contemporary poetry. They will study postmodern and contemporary trends and be encouraged to be more experimental in poem-making. The reading will enhance their critical skills in assessing their own work and that of their fellow students. They will learn to work with drafts and envision their work as a coherent collection.

Particular attention will be paid to:

  • Developments in contemporary world poetry
  • Discovering literary models
  • Envisioning the portfolio as a coherent collection
  • Working with drafts, revising and editing.

Assessment Items

Portfolio: Poetry portfolio

Essay: Critical essay

Contact Hours

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Online 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term

Equivalent to 2 hours per week plus individual consultation.