Critical Thinking for Studies in Education

Course code EDUC6290Units 10Level 6000Faculty of Education and ArtsSchool of Education

An introduction to critical thinking skills and dispositions within the domain of education. Focuses on the analysis of arguments regarding educational topics, policies and pedagogies. Provides a theoretically grounded application of informal logic, complex critical thinking and practical wisdom.

Not available in 2015

ObjectivesThis course provides students with the opportunity to:
1. examine argumentative texts in education;
2. practice skills of argument representation;
3. develop methods of argument analysis;
4. consider counter arguments and develop methods of argument evaluation; and
5. critically discuss research and theory relating to a variety of theoretical paradigms concerning argumentation and rationality.
ContentThe following list indicates indicative course content:
* Close reading and discussion of argumentative texts in education
* Introduction to informal logic, rationality and the history of argumentation
* Methods of representing and analysing arguments
* Principles of criticism and argument evaluation
* Theories of argument
* Research in critical thinking
* Critical skills, dispositions, character and definitions
* Criticisms of critical thinking and alternative conceptualisations and paradigms of practical rationality
Replacing Course(s)NA
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeNA
Modes of DeliveryInternal Mode
Teaching MethodsLecture
Assessment Items
Essays / Written AssignmentsAssessment Item 1 50%
Part 1: a 1000 word equivalent representation of a debate in educational studies
Part 2: a 1500 critical analysis of an issue relavent to studies of education.
Essays / Written AssignmentsAssessment Item 2
A 2500 word evaluative analysis of an issue related to the conceptualisation of critical thinking in education.
Contact HoursLecture: for 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term