Inquiry in Early Childhood Philosophy and Practices

Course code EDUC6264Units 10Level 6000Faculty of Education and ArtsSchool of Education

This course enables participants to analyse current practices within changing socio-cultural, philosophical, political and educational contexts. Participants will identify and position themselves in current approaches and debates regarding pedagogy, curriculum, growing children and professional issues through the application of a number of theoretical lenses. Participants will develop a critical framework to research policy, growing children and their learning, curriculum and pedagogy.
Key to the course is the development of a critically reflective orientation that aims to position participants as 'teacher researchers' in the field of early childhood education.

Available in 2015

WebLearn GradSchoolSemester 1
Previously offered in 2014
ObjectivesThis course provides students with the opportunity to:
1. understand and critically evaluate early childhood contexts and practices from different theoretical perspectives;
2. develop a critical framework for researching an issue of choice;
3. understand their practices as under continuous inquiry/research; and
4. develop competencies to sustain reflective practice through research.
ContentThe following list indicates indicative course content:
- Particular global and local contexts and discourses that shape the broad field of early childhood education and practices.
- Theories to analyse issues in early childhood education.
- Develop skills for critical examination, analysis and reflection to challenge and extend participants' own thinking and practices.
Replacing Course(s)NA
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeNA
Modes of DeliveryDistance Learning : IT Based
Internal Mode
Teaching MethodsEmail Discussion Group
Assessment Items
Essays / Written Assignments60%
Review of literature in relation to a topic of research selected by the participant.
Option 1: Participation in online discussions that critically engages with the literature assigned for the course in a reflective manner in regards to the individual's context and practices as an early childhood professional.
Option 2: Annotated bibliography with critical reflection of 10 journal articles in relation to a self-selected topic of the participant.
Contact HoursWorkshop: for 5 hour(s) per Term for Full Term
Lecture: for 7 hour(s) per Term for Full Term
Tutorial: for 14 hour(s) per Term for Full Term
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