Extended Studies in PDHPE

Course code EDUC4203
Available in 2016
2016 Course Timetables


This course builds on the premise that beginning teachers need to be reflective practitioners and inquirers. Through engagement with the new national Health and Physical Education curriculum, this course builds on curriculum concepts, theories, issues and practices introduced in previous teaching and learning courses, to further develop students theoretical and practical skills in program and assessment development in HPE. Furthermore, the course intends to provide students with the opportunities to understand group processes in curriculum development, and management skills in enacting such development. As a result of engagement in weekly seminar style presentations and individual and group problem-based assessment tasks, students should develop contemporary understandings of curriculum and assessment issues in HPE, as well as be introduced to professional issues and organisations which are pertinent to their work as a beginning HPE teacher.



  • Semester 2 - 2016

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Work as both independent and collaborative, self-motivated problem solvers

2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a wide range of issues relevant to HPE in New South Wales and its delivery in school settings

3. Refine skills in evaluating and synthesizing information/knowledge from curriculum documents and other relevant literature in terms of quality programming, assessment and teaching practice

4. Clarify the value orientations that underpin teaching and learning in HPE during lower Secondary School, and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to defend those values and philosophies


Problem based learning (three contemporary problems);

  • Problem one is based on beginning teacher programming using the HPE National Curriculum.
  • Problem two is based on collaboration with colleagues to manage change and organise an event.
  • Problem three is based on peer collaboration to present a researched HPE related topic.

Review of NSW Years 7-10 PDHPE Curriculum and the National HPE Curriculum;

  • Review and investigation of current issues and developments within HPE curriculum.
  • Engagement with local, state and national professional associations.

Curriculum reform and innovation: managing the change process;

  • Coping with change as a beginning teacher.
  • Understanding the curriculum change processes.
  • Understanding staff collaboration for effective  planning, programming and implementation.

Contemporary systemic curriculum issues in NSW;

  • Research based investigation of issues facing beginning teachers.
  • Current HPE climate for change in the past, present and future.

Out-sourcing physical education;

  • Research and debate over the privatisation of specialist physical education.
  • Future ramifications of out-sourcing physical and health education.

Teachers as researchers: Empirical research informing our practice;

  • Analysis and discussion of current research practice to inform HPE practice.
  • Ongoing process of teachers as researchers.
  • Implementing change as a result of research that informs practice.

Professional teaching standards: how to maintain and demonstrate high standards of professionalism;

  • Secondary teaching standards for accreditation.
  • Professional development for HPE teachers
  • Preparation and planning for employment.
  • Career development and future promotion development.


This course is only available to students enrolled in one of the following programs: B Education (10798), B Teach(Hlth & Phys Ed) (Hons) (12970), B Teaching / B Science (10952) or B Teach(Second)/BHlth&PhysEd (12218).

Assessment Items

Case Study / Problem Based Learning: Case Scenario/PBL Exercises

Presentation: Conference paper and presentation

Contact Hours



Face to Face On Campus 2 hour(s) per Week for 12 Weeks

Plus full day student conference in final week of semester