Teaching and Learning in Second Teaching Area

Course code EDUC4108Units 10Level 4000Faculty of Education and ArtsSchool of Education

Introduces students to syllabuses in Years 7-12 in their second teaching area, and provides an understanding of the pedagogy and classroom strategies related to this area.

The syllabus documents studied will vary depending on the student's second teaching area.

Not available in 2015

ObjectivesIn order to meet the desirable attributes of a beginning teacher, all students should be able to apply the knowledge and understanding of learners and the learning process, teachers and the teaching process, and the social and cultural contexts of teaching and learning, in demonstrating:

* an understanding of the responsibilities of belonging to the teaching profession;
* an understanding of the rationales, policies, and syllabuses for the particular KLA under study;
* being able to cater for diversity in the teaching of this KLA to talented and gifted students, boys and girls, students with special needs, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds;
* an understanding of the management strategies available for this teaching area;
* an ability to put what is learned into clinical / field experiences.

Graduates will be able to:

* demonstrate basic teaching competencies (observing, planning, managing, assessing, communicating, analysing, researching) appropriate to their intended role;
* demonstrate a strong knowledge of relevant curriculum documents and resources, policies and procedures.
Content* National Profiles and Statements in the appropriate syllabuses, both Years 7-10 and Years 11-12.
* Perspectives related to Aboriginal Education, Multicultural, Gender, and Socio-economic Diversity.
* Outcomes and Levels of Achievement related to the junior and senior secondary school.
* Values and attributes within the appropriate syllabuses for Years 7-10 and Years 11-12.
* Management and Discipline Stategies relevant to the junior and senior secondary school;
* Assessment techniques for the appropriate syllabuses, Years 7-10 and Years 11-12;
* Application to clinical / field situations in schools.
Replacing Course(s)EDEN221 Teaching and Learning in English 1
EDSS221 Teaching and Learning in Social Science 1
EDDR221 Teaching and Learning in Drama 1
EDLA221 Teaching and Learning in LOTE
TransitionThis course will replace the current arrangement whereby students with a second teaching area take the 200 level Teaching and Learning course designed to cater for students' first teaching area. As such, there should not be a need for transitional arrangements.
Industrial Experience0
Assumed Knowledge20 units Teaching & Learning courses in major area.
Modes of DeliveryInternal Mode
Teaching MethodsLecture
Assessment Items
Other: (please specify)Assessment Task 1: Lesson preparation Value: 50% Word length: 2,500 words Date Due: mid semester This assessment tests student's ability to apply overall understanding of perspectives, teaching philosophy for the particular teaching area, syllabus documents and assessment procedures to teaching situations. This assessment involves students writing lesson plans to accommodate different classroom situations. Assessment 2: Collection of curriculum resources Value: 50% Word length: 2,500 words Date Due: end of semester This assessment involves putting together a resource folder of lessons, teaching aids, and assessment procedures appropriate for both junior and the senior syllabuses.
Contact HoursLecture: for 3 hour(s) per Week for Full Term