Specialist Studies in Junior PDHPE

Course code EDUC1203
Not available in 2016


This course explores the principles and practices of teaching and learning in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) in secondary schools focusing on the Year 7 to 10 syllabi. Students will experience programming, assessment, evaluation and reporting for Stage 4 and 5 PDHPE and Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) elective courses. Students will explore legal and ethical conduct of teaching and learning and also explore ways of differentiating curriculum to meet the diverse needs of learners in the secondary school setting.


Not currently available.

This Course was last offered in Semester 2 - 2015.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Stage 4 and 5 PDHPE and PASS syllabi;

2. Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills in planning, programming, assessment, evaluation and reporting strategies in Stage 4 and 5 PDHPE and PASS studies;

3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of PDHPE pedagogies that cater for the diverse needs of learners in a secondary school setting;

4. Understand the legal and ethical ramifications of the PDHPE teaching profession.


Effective principles and practices for quality teaching in Stage 4 and 5 PDHPE and PASS courses

  • The place of PDHPE and PASS in the K-12 Curriculum
  • The NSW Quality Teaching model (QTM)
  • Structure of the QTM: Intellectual Quality, Quality learning environment and Significance
  • Connections to pedagogy and QTM in relation to PDHPE and PASS courses

Programming for 7-10 PDHPE and PASS courses

  • Navigation of the PDHPE and PASS syllabi
  • Considerations for programming: scope and sequence, plotting the outcomes on a map
  • Designing assessment for PDHPE and PASS
  • Assessment principles including validity, reliability, fairness and clarity

Scope and sequence development for a 7-10 PDHPE program

  • Authentic context analysis and programming rationale
  • Scope and sequencing of all the outcomes in each stage
  • Scope and sequencing to demonstrate what to teach and when
  • Outcomes mapping: major outcomes and contributing outcomes
  • Unit planning development

PASS course development

  • Make comparisons between the PDHPE and PASS syllabi
  • The aim and implementation of the PASS elective course
  • The emphasise of PASS to learn through experiences in physical activity and sport movement applications

Unit planning for PDHPE and PASS

  • Introduction to the unit planning
  • Investigate concepts, subject matter, teaching strategies and reasons for teaching a unit of work
  • Explore and understand the notion of a continuum/spectrum (teacher-centred to learner-centred) as a method of classifying pedagogies
  • Understand the types of pedagogies that are privileged to HPE

Assessment development for PDHPE and PASS courses

  • The purpose of assessment and why it is important
  • Classify the different forms and types of assessment
  • Principles for designing effective assessment
  • Develop an assessment scheme
  • Designing assessment tasks

Evaluation processes for ongoing improvement in teaching and learning

  • Self-evaluation surveys
  • Peer and observer surveys
  • Individual and school feedback summaries

Diversity, social, cultural and special needs considerations in the secondary school setting

  • Responding to a specific community need or concern
  • School context: Demographics and cultural considerations
  • Responsibility to cater for all groups in PDHPE
  • Marginalization in PDHPE
  • Principles and strategies that underpin inclusive practices in PDHPE
  • Inclusivity in PDHPE: life skills program
  • Providing for students with special education needs: collaborative curriculum planning, curriculum adjustments
  • Consistent with a philosophy of the school and syllabus

Legal and ethical responsibilities in PDHPE secondary teaching

  • PDHPE teachers responsibilities
  • DET code of conduct
  • The National professional standards for teachers


This course is only available to students enrolled in one of the following programs: B Education (10798), B Teach(Hlth & Phys Ed) (Hons) (12970), B Teaching / B Science (10952) or B Teach(Second)/BHlth&PhysEd (12218).

Assessment Items

Essay: Essay

Project: Group Project Planning in HPE

Written Assignment: Written task

Contact Hours