Computer Science Work Integrated Learning


Through this course students will work in a project related to computer science area. The work will be undertaken in an organization (industry, research groups, labs) which require computer science skills in their practices. This direct experience will expose students to practices of managers and/or researchers. Under supervision, students will locate and undertake an 80-100 hours work placement with appropriated organisation involved in computer science related areas.



  • Semester 2 - 2015

Learning Outcomes

1. Apply a suite of computer science skills learnt in the program in a specific project.

2. Critically set objectives and evaluate outcomes

3. Develop skills required for the workplace, including communication and possibly team work;

4. Demonstrate professional knowledge by undertaking computer science tasks.

5. Critically reflect on the issues facing computer sciences in the workplace.


The course comprises activities based on planning, developing, reporting and critically reflecting on a major activity related with computer science area. Students will

  1. Apply for, secure and complete an appropriate placement opportunity.
  2. Prepare a 'Program of Activity Agreement', which should be signed by the student, workplace supervisor and by the Course Coordinator
  3. Collaborate to plan, carry out and report on an appropriate computer science project.
  4. Complete an 80-100 hour placement with an organisation which requires computer science expertise.
  5. Record, report and critically reflect on placement experiences.
  6. Describe and analyse issues relating to real world research and practice.


This course is only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Mathematics / Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) / Bachelor of Computer Science programs.Written permission of Head of Discipline needed to enrol in this course.

Assumed Knowledge

Successful completion of at least 140 units

Assessment Items

Proposal / Plan: Project Plan

Report: Final Written Report

Presentation: Seminar

Report: Supervisor Report

Contact Hours



Face to Face Off Campus 100 hour(s) per Term


Face to Face On Campus 2 hour(s) per Week for 4 Weeks