Performance Exercise 1

Course code CAPA2900Units 10Level 2000Faculty of Education and ArtsSchool of Creative Arts

This is a fully assessable course which offers recognition and credit to students for work undertaken as major participants in a performance project.

Not available in 2015

Objectives1. To develop and understanding of and sensitivity to performance practices within a context of professional values.
2. To develop communication skills and personal confidence through the process of creative collaboration in a performance exercise.
3. To develop a critical ability to analyse and evaluate the creative experience.
4. To acquire and in-depth knowledge of significant performance and theatrical practices through personal involvement.
ContentThe course content varies from year to year. This may take many forms, student or staff generated productions, a series of workshops, a practice-based research project, a devised performance or a community-based project, etc. The course may entail concentrated periods of work during the semester in preparation for performance.
Replacing Course(s)DRAM2900 Performance Exercise 1.
TransitionStudents who have successfully completed DRAM2900 Performance Exercise 1 may not enrol into CAPA2900 Performance Exercise 1.
Industrial Experience0
Assumed KnowledgeDRAM1010 and DRAM1020 or ARTC1420
Modes of DeliveryInternal Mode
Teaching MethodsPractical
Assessment Items
Essays / Written AssignmentsCritical analysis to be completed and handed in to the course supervisor by no later than week 14 of the semester in which the project is undertaken. This takes the form of an essay (2000 words) analysing the performance project and the production process involved. Criteria will be determined on the basis of the project's nature and agreed upon before the process commences (40%).
Group/tutorial participation and contributionAssessed after the completion of the performance project. This assessment element is not based on an evaluation of talent but on such criteria as: supportiveness of the group process, readiness to undertake diverse tasks, openness to new experience and ideas, inventiveness and imagination in approaching work (40%).
JournalTo be handed in after the completion of the project. This takes the form of a daily record of work undertaken and the student's personal contribution - approximately 1000 words (20%).
Contact HoursTutorial: for 3 hour(s) per Week for Full Term