Architectural Management


Deals with the project management context within which architecture is practiced. Students will consider the development of professional expertise, and be introduced to the methods used to generate work and charge fees. The course will also address the project briefing and contract administration phases of an architectural project, including the development of a design brief and project feasibility analysis, development and contract law, project management frameworks, consultancy agreements, and the administration of a standard form lump sum building contract.



  • Semester 1 - 2017

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Understand the fundamentals of project management.

2. Understand and complete the project initiation and project planning phases for their final year project or a project of a similar scope.

3. Work autonomously and collaboratively.

4. Present written, verbal and visual concepts and ideas.


  • Introduction to Architecture Management and Project Management
  • Project analysis - Client and user analysis + project success factors
  • Project analysis - Market and precedent analysis
  • Project brief and analysis - Design and functional analysis + accommodation schedules
  • Client Management and Communication - Governance and reporting
  • Client Management and Communication - User groups & change management
  • Economic analysis + project feasibility
  • Project Programming
  • Project Planning

Assessment Items

Report: Project Design Report ¿ Project Initiation

Report: Project Design Report ¿ Project Planning - Contract Administration Report

Contact Hours



Face to Face On Campus 3 hour(s) per Week for 9 Weeks


Face to Face On Campus 3 hour(s) per Week for 4 Weeks