Ancient Cultures: World Greek Theatre Ancient Cultures: World Greek Theatre

Course code AHIS3601
Not available in 2016


Provides an innovative approach to the study of Greek theatre through the combination of Classical analysis and Drama methodology. This subject examines the major works of dramatists from 5th Century Greece as both literary works and drama to be staged. The combination of literary analysis and practicalities of performance ensures a balanced and insightful understanding and envisioning of Greek drama as literature, ritual, social/political construct, and dynamic performance.


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  1. An Introduction to the Subject: Aims, Teaching Methodology
  2. The Greek Theatre: Architecture, Location
  3. Staging Drama: Costuming, Actors
  4. Audience Composition: Citizens, Foreigners, Slaves and Women
  5. The Ritual of Dramatic Performance: Religious Aspects, Dionysus
  6. The Origins of Drama: Improvisation and the Transformation to the Script
  7. Greek Comedy: Old Comedy and Aristophanes
  8. Greek Tragedy: Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides
  9. The Legacy of the Greeks: Modern Adaptations