Call for Papers

The conference will explore, but not necessarily be confined to, such issues as:

  • the role of popular entertainments in community and personal well-being
  • spaces and spatiality of the popular
  • popular entertainments and tourism, travel and leisure
  • popular entertainments in a mediatised culture
  • circulation, exchange and transmission: cosmopolitanism, trans-nationalism and mobility
  • censorship, surveillance, regulation and control
  • tradition, memory and nostalgia
  • 'the popular' reinvented
  • popular audiences
  • audience / spectator agency
  • historiography of the popular
  • popular entertainments and the archive: presence and absence
  • nation-building, national identity, and popular entertainments
  • spectacle and celebration
  • popular science and history
  • skills and their transmission: the practices of the popular
  • economics of the popular
  • risky business: violence, cruelty, aggression, risk and danger
  • performing the popular

The abstract for your conference paper can be up to 300 words. We also ask that you accompany your abstract with a brief author bio, up to 250 words for each author. Please email your abstract to:

Due date: 15 March, 2013

Within the conference program each presenter will be allowed 30 minutes for their presentation. We suggest you allow 20 minutes for your paper and 10 minutes for questions and discussion