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Another World of Popular Entertainments

International Conference 12-14 June 2013
The University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Another World of Popular Entertainments is hosted by the School of Creative Arts (formerly the School of Drama, Fine Art and Music), co-convenors Gillian Arrighi and Victor Emeljanow.

Despite the vibrant, complex, and ubiquitous nature of popular entertainments, the field has suffered from a lack of sustained academic attention. Nevertheless, popular entertainments have a global reach and a transnational significance at odds with the fact that the meaning and definition of both 'popular' and 'entertainment' remain widely contested. Since the late-nineteenth century class-based prejudices in Western culture have championed the superiority of art and literature over the dubious and fleeting pleasures of 'entertainment.' Similarly, the term 'popular' has carried pejorative connotations, indicating something common and outside the conventional and highbrow productions of the purpose-built theatre house or concert hall.

After the success of the first Popular Entertainments International Conference (2009) the convenors are issuing a call for papers for a second conference, inviting participants from a range of complementary disciplines: theatre and performance studies, health, history, psychology, visual culture and music as well as performing arts curators and archivists to engage in the analysis as well as the celebration of popular entertainments from a global and multi-disciplinary perspective.

Call For Papers

Due Date for Abstracts - 15 March, 2013

Prof. Victor Emeljanow / Dr Gillian Arrighi
Drama Office, Room SRR203
University of Newcastle
Callaghan NSW 2308 Australia