Professor Kypros Kypri is trying to find out what makes us drink alcohol when we know it could do harm.

Our drinking culture: is it fun-filled or harmful?

Kypros Kypri

Out on a Friday night drinking at the pub with friends, or at home having a glass or two with dinner. What makes us drink alcohol, and sometimes to excess, when we know it could do harm? This is what Professor Kypros Kypri is trying to find out.

As a behavioural scientist, Professor Kypri is interested in the influence of the social and physical environment on drinking behaviour.

Professor Kypri has been named a Senior Brawn Research Fellow, made possible by the Gladys M Brawn Memorial Fellowship scheme. His area of research is 'Reducing the burden of disease due to hazardous alcohol consumption'.

"A lot of people tell me how much alcohol has affected their lives, via their own drinking, that of loved ones, and the actions of strangers. This is particularly pertinent [in the holiday season], when many people drink more than they usually do," he said.

With this fellowship he aims to examine:

  • risk factors for hazardous drinking
  • the development and evaluation of interventions to reduce hazardous drinking
  • the evaluation of public policies affecting the supply and promotion of alcohol in Australia

The Gladys M Brawn Memorial Fellowship was established at the request of Leslie Harold Brawn, who passed away in 1995, to honour his late wife, Gladys.

The $5 million bequest has so far supported nine Senior Brawn Fellows, 21 Post-Doctoral Brawn Fellows and four Research Higher Degree scholars, all conducting valuable research with the potential to change the lives of people around the world.

Professor Kypri has established an alcohol research group at the University of Newcastle. This has become a hub of several national and international collaborative studies addressing this issue that is affecting our community and our health.