Professor Darryl Knight speaks tonight about the use of stem cells in the treatment of lung diseases...

New Professors Talk

The University of Newcastle is proud to present its new professors through a dynamic public lecture series, 'New Professors Talk'. 

This series introduces you to the new people in our community and shares the knowledge and expertise of these leading commentators and thinkers. 

The first New Professors Talk for 2015 will be given by Professor Peter Radoll, Dean of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and Research.

Stone chips to silicon chips: Australia's Indigenous digital divide

In our ever-changing technological world, Indigenous people are increasingly at risk of being left behind. Professor Radoll will share his journey to becoming Australia's leading Aboriginal researcher in information and communication technologies, and explore the digital divide that separates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from the rest of Australia.

Professor Peter Radoll, a descendant of the Anaiwan people of NSW, is the inaugural Dean of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education and Research, and Director of the Wollotuka Institute at the University of Newcastle. He has held various senior roles at the University of Canberra and was a motor mechanic for 11 years before beginning study.

Date: Wednesday 29 April
Venue: Newcastle Museum, Honeysuckle
Time: 6.15 for a 6.30pm start
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Watch past New Professors Talks below.

22 May 2013

Professor Sandeep Gopalan - Dean of Newcastle Law School

Are CEOs and others who commit white-collar crimes punished insufficiently?

Professor Sandeep Gopalan, a Rhodes Scholar with qualifications from Oxford and the National Law School of India, was recently appointed Dean of the Newcastle Law School. A former investment banker on Wall Street and a lawyer in California, Professor Gopalan joined the University from Dublin, Ireland, where he was Head of Law at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Darryl Knight

26 June 2013

Professor Darryl Knight - Head of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy

The promise of stem cells in the treatment of chronic lung diseases: is it all just hot air?

Professor Darryl Knight, recently appointed as Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, completed postdoctoral training at the University of British Columbia after taking a PhD at The University of Western Australia. 

Professor Knight is an internationally renowned researcher, having held a Chair in Pharmacology at UBC before becoming Associate Director of the James Hogg Research Centre, a centre specialising in translational heart and lung research.

Professor Knight researches asthma and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - diseases that affect more than 10 per cent of Australians.

24 July 2013 

Professor Liz Burd - Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

Technology enhanced learning, or toys for the boys?

What happens when there is equal access to technology in education? How does technology influence education and vice versa? How can people work together to harness technology for education?

Professor Liz Burd was recently appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching). She is a computer scientist with an international reputation in the field of education, and is particularly recognised for her pioneering research into technology enhanced education.

Professor Burd holds a Bachelor of Education (Hons), a Masters in Science (Human Interaction) and PhDs in Risk and Software Maintenance. She has researched in collaboration with IBM, Microsoft, British Telecommunication, BAe and Logica, and received many awards for her work, including a UK National Teaching Fellowship in 2009.

28 August 2013

Professor Simon Dennis - Head of Psychology

The quantified self: harnessing smartphone technology to understand and augment human memory. 

Why do we forget things? Professor Simon Dennis's goal is to eliminate forgetting and create technologies that can remember and retrieve information for us. 

Professor Dennis was recently appointed Head of the School of Psychology. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science and Mathematics, a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and a PhD in Computer Science and Psychology, all from the University of Queensland. Professor Dennis has significant research expertise in human memory and language processing. 

His previous appointments were as Director of the Centre for Cognitive Science at Ohio State University and Research Professor at the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado. He has also held academic posts at the universities of Adelaide and Queensland.

30 October 2013

Professor Mario Minichiello - Lecturer, School of Design, Communication and IT

Explaining the world visually: what do we mean by visual language? 

Professor Mario Minichiello says visual communication has the power to influence our behaviour, for good and for bad. 

Mario Minichiello – Professor of Design in the School of Design, Communication and IT at the University of Newcastle – is internationally recognised for his politically provocative and intellectually disruptive work in visual communication design. 

Professor Minichiello is also Director of the University's Hunter Creative Industries and Technology Centre. He joined the University of Newcastle after a long career as a practitioner, researcher, educator and academic advisor in the UK, the USA and Australia, working with Birmingham City University, Loughborough University, the BBC, The Guardian and British broadsheets.

27 November 2013

Professor David Perkins - Professor of Rural Health Research

Twenty-first Century rural health services: fit for purpose? 

Professor David Perkins says existing health policy, education and services for rural Australians are based on an outdated model of care that is probably unaffordable. Outlining challenges and implications for health policy makers, service providers, educators and rural residents, Professor Perkins will argue for new service models that address today's rural health needs.

David Perkins is a Professor of Rural Health Research at the University's Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health in Orange. He has worked in health service and academic positions in the United Kingdom and Australia, focusing his research on mental health services in rural and remote settings. 

Internationally published, Professor Perkins is also editor-in-chief of the Australian Journal of Rural Health and an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Integrated Health Care.

May 28 2014

Professor Frank Millward - Head of the School of Creative Arts

Transformations: the Creative Arts and Technology 

Community, industry and the university of the 21st Century Creative arts involving music, film and publishing are experiencing radical restructurings because of changes in media technologies. Australia is entering a crucial period for the creative arts and the growth of our cultural economy. 

In his performance lecture, Professor Frank Millward speculated that positioning the creative arts as a driver between disciplines within the University of Newcastle, in collaboration with the community and industry, is key to a successful university of the 21st Century. 

Professor Millward is the Head of the School of Creative Arts at the University of Newcastle. He is a composer, multimedia artist, teacher and academic writer. His research focuses on the use of technologies in interactive live performance.

June 25 2014

Professor John Fischetti - Head of the School of Education

SCHOOLS FOR THE 22ND CENTURY - Reframing education for global collaboration and innovation

New and dynamic technologies allow us to deliver online content anytime, anywhere. How should schooling be reframed to equip students with the skillsets needed to succeed in the 22nd Century? 

In his presentation, Professor John Fischetti argued that many schools have become testing centres rather than learning centres, and school buildings function only as places where young people watch adults work. Rather, the purpose of schools should be to prepare learners to be successful in the age of global collaboration and innovation. 

Professor Fischetti's career spans more than three decades and includes an exceptional background in school reform, educational leadership and professional development. His most recent position was Dean and Professor of Educational Leadership at Southeastern Louisiana University.

July 30 2014 

Director, University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health

Healthcare Access for Rural Communities: Everyone's Business

Research shows rural Australians experience poorer health than those in metropolitan areas due to their living conditions, social isolation, socioeconomic disadvantage and distance from health services. These Australians need and deserve better access to health care. Meeting this care challenge is the focus of research at the University of Newcastle, Department of Rural Health, under the leadership of its Director, Professor Nicky Hudson. 

In this talk, Nicky shared how community-based health education in NSW can bring together government, industry, universities, community organisations, clinicians and patients themselves, to recruit the right health workforce for their community. 

Professor Hudson has worked as a GP in indigenous, remote and urban health. She has extensive national and international experience in medical education including senior academic roles in physiology and clinical education, assessment and community-based health education in Australia and the UK.

August 27 2014 

JOURNEY OF THE HEART How heart disease and its treatments are changing 

Heart disease remains the major killer of Australians and 50 per cent of survivors will develop heart failure later in life because of damage to the heart muscle. Professor Andrew Boyle's research focuses on cardiac regeneration. His talk explored the history, status and future of heart disease and its treatment. 

Andrew is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine with a medical career spanning 25 years. He joined UON from the United States, where he worked at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, San Francisco.

September 24 2014

Professor Peter Davis - Chair of Construction Management

DE-CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT How relationships can make the difference in the building game 

The global construction industry can be an adversarial world. Accountability, probity and ultimately the financial bottom line drive many decisions in a commercial building process. 

What if the industry gave more weight to relationships and value for money? Could relationship-driven decisions in construction management deliver a better outcome for everyone involved?

Professor Peter Davis is a recognised authority on the role of relationship development and maintenance in procurement for construction and engineering projects. He is UON's Chair of Construction Management, a newly created position jointly funded by two of Australia's leading construction companies Lend Lease and John Holland. 

Peter worked almost two decades in the private construction sector before joining academia and was most recently Head of the School of Built Environment at Curtin University.

29 October 2014

Professor Geoff Whitty, Global Innovation Chair for Equity in Higher Education

GETTING INTO UNI: Who you know, what you know or knowing the ropes?

Entry to higher education has been substantially widened in both England and Australia, yet there are still massive inequalities in 'who goes where'. Why is this so? And how might recent market-led higher education policies affect future university enrolments?

Professor Geoff Whitty CBE holds a Global Innovation Chair at UON, where he is attached to the new Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education. Geoff led the world-renowned Institute of Education in the University of London for more than 10 years.