Alumni Lecture

The Alumni Lecture (formerly the Convocation Lecture) is presented by the Alumni Advisory Committee and showcases the expertise of a recently appointed professor to the University of Newcastle.

The 2014 Alumni Lecture was presented by Professor Kevin Hall on Wednesday 16 April at Newcastle City Hall. 

For information about this annual lecture contact the Office of Alumni and External Relations on +61 2 4921 7454 or

 All over the map

Professor Kevin Hall, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) 

Kevin HallProfessor Kevin Hall is a humanitarian engineer with projects dotted across the globe; from India to Indonesia, Sri Lanka to Peru.  Working with global partners, Professor Hall's research aims to provide marginalised communities with water and sanitation, developing livelihoods through small industry set-up, fisheries rehabilitation, affordable housing and alternative fuels. Professor Hall will share how his research has led to a global handprint, improving the living conditions of underprivileged communities all over the map.

Newly-appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) at the University of Newcastle, Professor Hall's highly distinguished research career spans three decades. After starting out in the fundamentals of coastal engineering and hydraulics, he embarked on trans-disciplinary adventures in remote sensing, syndromic surveillance, photonics and pathogen detection, public health and most recently humanitarian engineering.

2013 Alumni Lecture 

The 2013 Alumni Lecture was presented by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Andrew Parfitt on May 28 at the Newcastle City Hall. His topic was Space: Australia's Final Frontier

Other past presenters of the Alumni Lecture include Vice-Chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen, Conjoint Professor (Nursing and Midwifery) Louise O'Brien and Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Nick Talley.