We offer a number of experiences for secondary schools.

High school experiences

We offer a number of experiences for secondary schools.

The Careers Show

This initiative is a cross between a careers talk and a traditional science show for year 7 students. The Career Show introduces university concepts and science careers such as oceanography and mining engineering in a fun, informative way with a few controlled explosions for entertainment. The Show is delivered in school and designed to highlight the quality and variety of careers that require maths and science.

Uni in the Classroom

This program aims to show Year 9 and 10 students the importance of what they are learning in high school and its relevance to the 'real' world. It shows the link between the subjects studied at school and the degrees offered at university and how that knowledge applies to industry and real jobs. The lesson is curriculum relevant and presented by a university student with the support of the classroom teacher.

Resilience Workshops

Resilience WorkshopThe Resilience Workshops are delivered by a psychologist specialising in senior high school study support strategies.

Designed for Year 11 and 12 students, the Workshop covers strengthening your values and making the HSC a meaningful challenge, practical tips for managing the study environment, identifying stress and knowing when it is helpful and unhelpful plus when to get help, breaking free from procrastination and perfectionism and relaxation techniques.

Optional content includes assisting family members in understanding the pressure students face and how this may materialise in the home environment, helping students to learning communication skills for talking with parents and teachers when under pressure, practical tips for managing the study environment and common distractions, healthy relationships during the HSC and assertive communication.