Hear from previous participants

"My favourite part of the LIVE IT! program was the opportunity to meet new people from other schools and the university."

"It was good to learn about the university and all the different subject we could choose."

"The meeting of new people; the movie night, the food, the new experiences and meeting Kurt Fearnley"

"The thing that I most enjoyed at live it was the Kurt Fearnley talk. I think it was inspirational."

"I really like the sport science and exercise activity because it was interesting and fun and I would like to do something similar in the future."

"The best thing that I liked about LIVE IT! was that we moved around to different campuses and to varying activities."

"The thing I liked best about LIVE IT! was getting to know the house dudes and my fellow team mates. It was a good experience."

"It gave me more of an idea of my future."

"Meeting different people and really figuring out what uni really is about."

"I liked the opportunity to meet new people. The surfing scientist was pretty cool too. The house dudes were fun and easy to talk to."

"Learning more about university lifestyles and expectations. These are things we don't usually find out about."

"I liked how we got to be involved and we able to learn while having a fun time with our friends"

"To be able to actually be in the uni classrooms and experiencing the overall feeling of what it is like to be at uni."

"Being able to enter labs and worksites to see what actually happens as well as doing activities rather than sitting and listening to a lecture."

"I enjoyed the fun activities involving maths and science and the opportunity to see what uni has to offer."