2013 Calendar of exhibitions at the University Gallery, the University of Newcastle



30 Jul - 2 Aug 2014


The Blanket Pilots
Fine Art students from Hunter Schools High Performers Program 2014

The High Performing Students Program gives exceptional high school students the opportunity for a 'taste' of university and this year includes Fine Art for the first time. Students have produced an outstanding selection of work for exhibition in the University Gallery.

Wed to Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat 12 - 4pm

Exhibition Opening
Thursday 31 July
@ 5.30pm
23 Jul - 27 Jul 2014

Tjunka Lewis 

The Friends of the University of Newcastle 2014 Acquisitive Art Prizes and Art Fair

The popular Friends of the University of Newcastle Art Fair will this year feature three Acquisitive Art Prizes: an Open Prize of $6,000 and two Student Prizes of $2,500 each. The Art Fair sale represents a real opportunity to buy work from significant artists at affordable prices.

Wed to Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat & Sun 12 - 4pm

Announcement of Acquisitive Prizes

Fri 25 July @ 5pm
followed by Commencement of Art Fair sale at 6pm
11 Jun - 19 Jul 2014
Trevor Nickolls Metamorphosis
Blake Prize Touring Exhibition
Each year the Blake provides a platform for artists and poets to explore the nature of the spiritual and religious imagination through a wide range of artistic responses.
Wed to Fri  10am - 5pm
Sat 12 - 4pm

Gallery Talk: Rev Dr Rod Pattenden in conversation Sat 19 July @ 2pm

21 May - 7 Jun 2014
Lucila Maddox
Lucila Nalvarte Maddox (PhD)
Instantiating Ideas of Limitless Space: Thinking Through Painting

 A research exhibition exploring the thesis that time passes, yet never ends. Discerning that the universe holds time as an open-ended cosmological container, the canvas, by extension, also holds the vehicular medium of painting as an open-ended transformation.
Wed to Fri  10am - 5pm
Sat 12 - 4pm
23 Apr - 17 May 2014
Charlie Sheard Pure Abstraction #2
Charlie Sheard
Pure Abstractions Colour, Drawing, Materiality

An investigation of the interweaving elements of colour, drawing and materiality, within Sheard's Abstract practice. Included will be charcoal drawings not previously exhibited, along with paintings showing complex optical effects and dazzling colour.
See Gallery Archive for further information and images
26 Mar - 17 Apr 2014
Nicole Chaffey
Shadowline: Contemporary Drawing
A Glasshouse Regional Gallery exhibition curated by Niomi Sands, featuring work by Anne Judell, Nicole Chaffey, Jennifer Keeler-Milne and Franc Hanccok. Each artist explores light and shadow within their works, investigating ideas relating to atmosphere, experience and landscape.
Three women explore disconnection and reconnection to land and spirit through photography and video. Cherie Johnson, Nicole Chaffey and Tara Standing.
See Gallery Archive for further information and images
8 Mar - 22 Mar 2014
Judy Robinson
Judy Robinson (MPhil): Escape and Capture
Escape and Capture forms the exhibition component of Judy Robinson's Master of Philosophy (Architecture) thesis, Flight of the Tiki - a study of mid-20th century Tiki carvings and tourist souvenirs as collectables.

 5 Mar - 22 Mar 2014
Susan Ryman

Photograph by Roger Hanley

Susan Ryman (PhD): Collecting Identity
Collecting identity investigates how single artworks can hold completely unpredictable and multiple meanings. Susan Ryman, for her PhD research in Natural History Illustration, has made original artworks using the traditional tools of the illustrator, reflecting on the immediate world in all of its contradictory forms.
See Gallery Archive for further information and images
1 - 22 Feb 2014
Caelli Jo Brooker Meta Rhizome
Caelli Jo Brooker (PhD):
Lost in Translation - the materialisation of the mark in the digital age

This creative work for examination draws on individual experience in the fields of art and design, and extends an ongoing investigation into the abstract gestural mark.
See Gallery Archive for further information and images
Coming up in 2014
George Gittoes

George Gittoes, 2013, from the exhibition "I Witness"

High Performers Art Show curated by Peter Gardiner; POD Popped curated by Jen Denzin, exhibitions from George Gittoes, Ruth Liou, Cherie Johnson and Andrew Snelgar; 40 Years of ELFS Third Year Design Graduates; Rae Richards Survey Show.