The aim of the Confucius Classroom Program is to stimulate and support innovative teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture in schools.


Confucius Classrooms

What is a Confucius Classroom?

The aim of the Confucius Classroom Program is to stimulate and support innovative teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture in schools. The program is funded by the Office of the Chinese Language Council International (HANBAN) and is administered by the Confucius Institute at the University of Newcastle. The Confucius Classroom Program is one of the key programs offered by the Confucius Institute at the University of Newcastle to schools.

Benefits for a Confucius Classroom

If a school is accepted into the Confucius Classroom Program, the school will have the following benefits from the Confucius Institute Headquarters:

  • Start-up fund up to $US10,000 and up to $US20,000 worth of Chinese language teaching and learning equipment and materials;
  • 500 volumes of books, audio-visual, multimedia materials and courseware per year;
  • School principals will have opportunities to be invited for sponsored trips to China;
  • Students will have opportunities to take part in the "Chinese Bridge" Competition;
  • Students can take the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK and YCT) and then apply for scholarships to study in schools and universities in China;
  • Schools with a Confucius Classroom can apply for fund if they have programs going on within the contract years.
  • Students' summer/winter camps in China

Confucius Classroom Program Activities

Schools with the Confucius Classroom designation will carry out activities to promote Chinese language and culture.

Examples of activities include:

  • teaching Chinese;
  • supporting Chinese cultural activities and/or competitions;
  • organising student and teacher exchange programs;
  • organising professional learning programs related to the teaching of Chinese language and culture;
  • facilitating the sharing of effective pedagogy for teaching Chinese in primary and secondary schools;
  • any China related activity or event suitable

Confucius Classroom Program activities may involve student and teacher exchange with expectations from the partner school in China that visiting students and teachers will be provided with appropriate accommodation, meals and entertainment during the periods of their stay in Australia.

Resourcing and funding support from HANBAN

The Confucius Institute as the local representative of HANBAN will provide a package of resources and teaching materials to assist teachers with the teaching of Chinese language and culture to students and if appropriate the local community. Funding will also be provided by HANBAN to support the Confucius Classroom Program activities.

The Confucius Institute provides the following services in relation to the Confucius Classroom Program in schools:

  • Advisory
  • Provision of Intercultural training
  • Mentoring
  • Authorising body and local representative of HANBAN

The Confucius Institute is responsible for overall reporting requirements with respect to its affiliated Confucius Classroom Program to HANBAN headquarters. Complying with the Confucius Institute reporting requirements is mandatory. Affiliated Confucius Classrooms will be required to sign an agreement with the Confucius Institute.

Resourcing and funding support from the School

The school will need to demonstrate its level of commitment to the Confucius Classroom Program. In principle, the School needs to match Hanban's annual funding of $US10,000 1:1 with funds or in kind contribution.

In addition, Hanban provides the Confucius Classroom with 500 volumes of books and teaching materials and funding of programs such as Confucius Institute Scholarships, Summer/Winter Camp in China, Training Programs in China for Local Chinese Language Teachers, etc. up to $US50,000 per year, which includes the $US10,000 annual funding.