Staff pages are now live and the transition of our web site is complete. We've come a long way...


We have lift offTake off

The Current Staff pages are now live, completing our transition to the new web design. This is a milestone achievement for the University of Newcastle and has drawn praise from around the world.

Kudos to you and your web team for launching a site that represents the future of the web: responsive, content-driven, modular and modern. As the web manager of a small college in Washington state, I'm using your site as an example of the best in the world. Thank you!

Your feedback is appreciated

To give everyone the opportunity to see the new pages, IT has set the Current Staff landing page as everyone's default homepage. If you would like to update your homepage settings, please follow these instructions.

As you make your way through the new staff pages, please let us know if you spot any issues. We've done our best to check everything, but if you notice any issues or problems, please let the Web Services Team know by logging it via Ask UoN.  You can provide general feedback to the team here too.

Our journey to here

The evolution of our web presence since the first site went live in early 1997 is a fascinating glimpse into a seismic shift in the way the world communicates.

Important information for publishers and approvers

We expect to resume publishing as normal from lunchtime on Tuesday 13 May, but please wait for an email confirming this on the day.  If you have an urgent publishing matter during this time, please contact Matt Cavenett on x17731.

No publisher access to CMS2 (Interwoven)

With the final phase of content (Current Staff) moving across to Squiz, there will be no need for further publishing in CMS2. In June, the Web Services Team will be permanently shutting down publisher access to CMS2 (Interwoven).

If you believe you have further need to publish on CMS2, please contact the Web Services Team through the web services portal The Web Services Team will review each request and be in contact with you to ensure your needs are understood and that an appropriate solution can be found for your web content.