The AIM High program seeks to challenge social exclusion by supporting positive change through education.

Aiming High for the future

The AIM HIGH program within the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education at the University of Newcastle seeks to challenge social exclusion by supporting positive change through education. The project is focused on supporting educational aspiration, attainment and access for students and families from low SES backgrounds.Aiming High for the future The program was developed in response to the recommendations in the Bradley Review of Higher Education (2008) and the Sutton Trust (2008) report on widening participation in higher education. This area of the University's work builds on the University's strong track record of being a place of opportunity and a national leader in the equity of access to Higher Education.

Believing the future starts now, the AIM HIGH program draws from 17 targeted low SES high schools and their partner primary schools to support early and direct intervention with young people and their families to increase their knowledge and understanding of their post school options. By immersing family members and parents in the program they are better equipped to support their child's career and educational aspirations, engagement and attainment, regardless of their own educational experience.

A range of tertiary education experiences developed with the community are offered throughout the primary and secondary learning stages, delivered both on campus and in schools. The program uses innovative approaches to demonstrate the links between a student's lived experience, classroom learning and career and study options.

The Careers Through Reading program introduces Year 5 students to a variety of career and study options through university students reading them story books related to their study or future career. 

Discover Uni Days provide an opportunity for Year 6 students and their family members to experience what on-campus life is like as a Uni student. By participating in a series of activities as well as visiting Uni facilities, the students and family members are exposed to a wide variety of careers and study options.

The Girls' Choices Summer School and LIVE IT! (for boys) programs are five-day residential experiences for Year 9 students from equity target groups across NSW. The programs are designed to inspire students to build upon their potential to succeed in Years 10, 11 and 12. Throughout the week students participate in a program of activities, lectures, workshops and industry visits, all designed to reinforce the importance of further education and expose them to the wide range of study and career options that exist for HSC graduates.

Other programs aimed at the later high school years include MAN (Mentoring for AspiratioN), which was developed in conjunction with Callaghan College; and HSC Coach, which provides students with digital access to high-quality, annually updated, course-specific HSC expertise.

Two new programs were launched in 2014 including The Next Step, which is designed to provide Year 10 students with career options and AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination - that uses peer-led learning and 'learning how to learn' techniques, which focus on equipping students to find answers for themselves.

The AIM HIGH program resides in the Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE) at the University of Newcastle. The role of the CEEHE is to ensure that the University continues to be a leader in the region and the world in approaches to closing the gap between equity related policy and practice and to also raise awareness and understanding of the frameworks and activities that produce priority outcomes.