Our future – a chapter of the 2013 Annual Report of the University of Newcastle, Australia. Includes information about vision, values and strategic objectives.

Our future

We aspire to be a global leader in each of our spheres of achievement.Through engagement with our partners, we will deliver world-class innovation to support the development of strong regional communities. 

"This is a remarkable and exciting time to be part of the global higher education landscape, and to be part of the University of Newcastle. With the support and engagement of our communities we will achieve our vision and make a significant and lasting contribution to the economic prosperity and social cohesion of our regions across the world."

Professor Caroline McMillen, Vice-Chancellor

Our strategic direction

To realise our 2025 Vision the NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013–2015 presents a clear set of goals and strategies to build the University's global performance and reputation. 

NeW Directions includes plans for our lead priorities in education, and research and innovation, as well supporting plans for our future workforce, campuses and facilities, and the investment required into our systems and processes. 

Our Strategic Plan consists of five separate plans, each with their own set of strategic objectives and associated actions: Education; Research and innovation; Future workforce; Campus, capital and IT; and Finance.

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