Future workforce – a chapter of the 2013 Annual Report of the University of Newcastle, Australia. Includes information about WHS and equity.

Future workforce

Our organisation is all about talented, committed and hard-working staff. In 2013 we built on our record of achievement in equity, excellence and engagement with a range of strategies. We implemented new leadership and performance review frameworks to support our staff to develop the capabilities they need to be innovative in their practice and perform at a world-class level. Significant attention was also given to our UON Healthy University Strategy through various enhancements to our integrated wellness program. 

A key deliverable in 2013 was the new leadership framework. Our leaders shape the future, engage beyond the University, work collaboratively, strive for excellence, drive performance, and show courage and respect. These are attributes for all of our leaders to practise and develop. The new Leadership Framework has been tailor-made for the University and provides support for all of our leaders – from those leading a team of a few staff, to those who are heading up large Divisions, Schools and Research Centres. 

Another important achievement in 2013 was the implementation of our new Performance Review and Development (PRD) framework which will facilitate ongoing conversations between staff and their managers that benefit all. The PRD drives consistency and openness across the institution in how we define and evaluate work, allowing staff to enrich their knowledge in their current jobs and gain skills for future positions. The PRD helps staff succeed, which means the University succeeds. 

Informed by the World Health Organisation's Healthy Universities Framework, our UON Healthy University Strategy creates a platform to coordinate and to consolidate our health, safety and wellbeing initiatives. We take an innovative and contemporary 'whole-of-university' approach to supporting our individual and institutional health and through new initiatives we more than doubled the number of staff participating in wellness activities in 2013. 

Our investment in our people's potential is an investment in the University's future.

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