The development application process

The NeW Space project is being assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment as a State Significant Development. For more information on the State Significant Development application process, visit the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website at: Flowchart 27 Sep.pdf

The steps we have undertaken so far

  • Concept Plans for the new education precinct were lodged with NSW state government in March 2014 as part of our request for Director General Requirement's (DGR's)
  • The Department of Planning and Infrastructure provided a response to our request in May 2014. The Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEAR's), as they are now called, provide the requirements we must address as part of our State Significant Development (SSD) application
  • We have completed a range of studies, in response to the SEAR's, that formulated our application
  • We held a community information session on 11 June to discuss our plans prior to lodging the application with the Department of Planning and Environment
  • Our full State Significant Development application, including the Environmental Impact Statement, was lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment in August
  • The Environmental Impact Statement:
    • details the proposed design
    • describes the construction and operation of the facility
    • identifies any environmental impacts arising from the development; and
    • outlines how these impacts will be managed or mitigated.
  • The department has now placed our project on public exhibition and the community are invited to view and comment on the plans
  • We are holding a community information session on Saturday 30 August from 2-5pm at Newcastle City Hall to discuss our application and answer any questions. Register your interest by emailing

Running parallel to this process

  • A Development Application was lodged with Newcastle City Council for us to commence minor works (mine rectification) late last year with approval provided in February 2014
  • The tender process for early works involving mine rectification works was conducted with Bulk Flyash Grout awarded the contract in June 2014
  • Mine rectification works commenced on the site in July 2014
  • These works are due to conclude by the end of 2014