School research

Our research teams get encouragement and support spanning traditional School and Faculty boundaries. As a result of this we are proud to be  one  of only  four University  Psychology  institutions being officially rated as performing  "well above world standard"  (ERA rating of 5) in the 2012 Excellence in Research for Australia rankings

Neurosciences, another discipline our School  was awarded a rating at this highest level as well (one of only three universities). Psychology and neurosciences at the University of Newcastle are strong and successful fields of research.

Priority Research Centres

Translational Neuroscience and Mental HealthTranslational Neuroscience and Mental Health

The Priority Research Centre for Translational Neuroscience and Mental Health (CTNMH) is focused on increasing understanding of brain/mental disorders including schizophrenia, stroke, pain and sensory dysfunction, ageing and cognition, depression, and balance disorders.

Faculty Groups

The Clinical and Health Psychology Research Group is concerned with the application of psychological science and practice to the prevention and treatment of both physical and mental ill-health and employs research primarily at the strategic and applied levels.

At its most general level, the Human Experimental and Applied Dynamics Research Group studies the dynamics of complex human behaviour.

The Neuroscience Research Group in the School of Psychology in recent years has invested heavily in the development of both imaging and other facilities for assessment of human brain function as well as specialised animal behaviour. It is now well positioned to address key research questions in understanding brain function and sensory systems.