School research

Research in the School reflects the dynamic, creative and technologically oriented nature of the areas of design, communication, information technology and natural history illustration. In addition, we benefit from working across the disciplines in ways that enable more complex approaches to broader areas of study and practice, such as multimedia.

University Institutes and Centres

Hunter Creative Industries and TechnologyHunter Creative Industries and Technology

The Hunter Creative Industries and Technology Centre (HCIT) provides a gateway into the University's  knowledge community of creative thinkers and innovators.  Working collaboratively with national and international business and knowledge communities,  the Centre will address the creative, research and business opportunities of future. The Mission of the Hunter Creative Industries and Technology centre is to develop research knowledge and innovation within national and international scholarly communities.

 Faculty Groups

Informatics is the study of Information Technology and its uses. Applied Informatics emphasises its application to real world problems.

Many of the professions linked to communication and media are in a state of flux globally. We are facing a period of sustained digital change that is already providing fertile ground for research opportunities. Our researchers work in the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology.

The Natural History Illustration Research Group is focused on the visual documentation and interpretation of the natural world. Using a range of traditional and digital-media techniques, our research is integral to the scientific and artistic communication of ideas and information in a contemporary transdisciplinary framework.


In 2012 the Australian Government’s Office for Learning and Teaching awarded over $200,000 in funding to the University of Newcastle to undertake an investigation into plagiarism and related issues in assessments not involving text.