Research Higher Degrees

Our Faculty staff view Research Higher Degree students as being a most important link between this University and the world, ensuring quality staff, facilities and programs are in place to support the researchers of tomorrow.

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The Honours year prepares you for securing future research and career pathways.

An Honours degree allows you to pursue aspects of your chosen discipline that interest you the most.

With this qualification, you will develop your research and writing skills and are better equipped to pursue employment or higher degrees, such as Masters or a PhD.

Why do Honours?

  • Honours sets you apart from your peers as a high achiever
  • You will work one-on-one with an academic on a research project of your choice
  • The advanced skills and knowledge you gain are respected and highly sought after and can enhance your career prospects
  • Honours is the pathway to higher degree research and will allow you to apply for direct entry into the PhD program

Research is a way to make a difference to the world. It is personal, challenging and exciting.

The Assistant Dean Research Training is available to discuss your personal RHD preparation and options. Each school and most disciplines also have RHD Coordinators who can provide advice specific to your area of interest.


The following documents list a range of topics that have been identified as being of interest to the various research units in the Faculty of Science and Information Technology, and you will see many of these activities reflected by our Research Centres and Groups.

If you are interested in any of these specifically, or would like to discuss a variation on them, or would like to propose your own topic, please contact the appropriate supervisor listed in the below documents.

Current RHd student resources

  • FSCIT RHD Conference Guidelines
  • FSCIT RHD Conference Application Form
  • FSCIT Outstanding Awards Guidelines
  • FSCIT Outstanding Awards Application Form
  • FSCIT RHD STUDENTS Blackboard site
  • FSCIT STUDENT GUIDE Blackboard site
  • RHD Minimum Resources
  • RHD Confirmation Year Guidelines and Progress Reports
  • Policies, Rules and Guidelines for RHDs
  • Research Higher Degrees
  • Office of Graduate Studies

You can find more information on undertaking an Research Higher Degree at the University of Newcastle - including application, finding a supervisor, and scholarships and fees -  in our Graduate Research area.