Faculty research overview

Our research

The Faculty of Science and Information Technology is a world-class centre for scientific and technology research. Through our strong discipline-based research and active inter-disciplinary engagement, both nationally and internationally, we are at the forefront of research and development in a broad range of fields.

Our research strengths lie in the key areas of industry and infrastructure, sustainability and the environment, health and wellbeing as well as communication and information technology.

Faculty of Science and Information Technology Centres and Groups

Institutes, Centres and Groups

We have an international reputation for our research and strong, viable research centres and groups. We have a focus on increasing our industry partnerships in the Hunter region and beyond through applied research and development collaborations.

Faculty of Science and Information Technology Research Higher Degrees

Research Higher Degrees

Our Faculty view Research Higher Degree (RHD) students as being a most important link between this University and the world, ensuring quality staff, facilities and programs are in place to support the researchers of tomorrow. The Faculty also has a summer program to provide undergraduate students with experience of working with well-established researchers in high quality research environments.

Faculty of Science and Information Early Career Researchers

Early career researchers

The Early Academics and Researchers group is recognised as a vital component of the Faculty's research activities and profile. To facilitate the establishment and growth of the research of these individuals at Newcastle, and in recognition of the existing world-class expertise in the latest research thinking and methodology this cohort brings to the University, there are a number of initiatives directed at Early Career Academics.

Faculty of Science and Information Technology Scholarships

Scholarships, fellowships and funding

In addition to support offered through the University of Newcastle, the Faculty of Science and Information Technology has in place a range of scholarships, fellowships and funding to support our researchers as they endeavor to contribute to our world-class innovation.