What is SMART? 

SMART is an acronym for Science, Maths And Real Technology; that's what we're all about!

Mission Statement

SMART is an innovative, non-profit science communication program providing relevant high-quality science shows* and activities that:

  1. Inspire, inform and involve young people with science. (Here the word 'science' includes mathematics, engineering and technology)
  2. Provide opportunities for university students – future scientists, engineers, managers and educators – to learn and practice science and communication
  3. Encourage widespread ongoing participation and dialogue relating to science. This may take the form of public discussion, science-based entertainment or activities, as well as personal interest, study or employment

*A science show is an entertaining ~30 minute live presentation that uses audience interaction, demonstrations, drama, stories and multimedia to explore science. SMART is a fee for service program that works on the structure of a $5 per student charge with a minimum charge of $500 per day / per school. Small school rates are negotiable.

What we do

This year the team from the University of Newcastle's SMART program has four exciting science shows on offer:

'Laser Light Show'

The Laser Light show begins with an introduction to light itself, what it is, how it behaves and the primary colours of light. The unique properties of lasers are explained through interactive demonstrations and an overview of their applications is explored. The show culminates in a fun musical laser light show which is sure to be popular with your students.

'Best of SMART show'

Watch out, this is one cool science show, in fact its 196 below freezing! This show is all about how matter changes states. To explore matter we use one of scientist's favourite chemical – Liquid Nitrogen as well as explosions. This show highlights the different states of matter and its many varied uses in science and nature. We use liquid nitrogen and fire to explore what is required to change something into a liquid, gas or solid. We see how temperature affects many different objects and what this tells us about an objects chemical makeup. This show is available for all ages, big and small, making it an ideal show for public events with either static or transient audiences of any size. This show can run from 5 mins to an hour, just let us know how much time you have and bring your thermals, it's about to get chilly!