Our seminars features specialists in the field of biomedical sciences and pharmacy.

2016 Seminar schedule

We offer students the opportunity to attend our seminars which feature specialists in the area of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy.

Location for all seminars: MS202, Newcastle Campus, Callaghan

NEW START TIME: Fridays 12:45 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Seminar enquiries : Kathryn Skelding


18th March

Dr.Andrea Yool,
School of Medicine, University of Adelaide
"Therapeutic potential of novel pharmacological modulators of aquaporin channels in cancer and brain oedema" Neil Spratt
1st April No Seminar TBA  
8th April Prof Bruce McManus "The Bloody Road to Biomarker Validation and Implementation – A Compelling, Complicated Journey" Darryl Knight
15th April Samantha Richardson, PhD - RMIT University "Evolution of transthyretin from uricase to thyroid hormone distributor: implications for multiple sclerosis research" Fatemeh Moheimani

22nd April

Research Accounting Seminar Research Accounting Seminar  
28th April Prof George Augustine "Optogenetic mapping of cerebellar circuits" Brett Graham
6th May Available TBA  
13th May Available TBA  
20th May Dr Victor Anggono
Brain Institute
University of Queensland
“Molecular mechanisms of Glutamate Receptor Trafficking” Estelle Sontag

27th May

to later in the year,
date to be advised
(Dr Christina Bursill)
3rd June Available TBA  
10th June
Prof Neil Sims
Flinders University
"Astrocytes in Stroke: influences on tissue" Robbie MacCaulay 
17th June Prof. John Aitken
University of Newcastle

"How commercial interests, education and pollution are killing our species"

Darryl Knight
Tuesday 21th June
Start time 12pm
Prof John Rudd
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"Anti-Emetic Discovery: Detecting Off-Target Effects”

Eugene Nalivaiko

1st July

Prof. Steve Wilton
Murdoch University
“Therapeutic alternative splicing:  proof-of-concept with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other applications” Darryl Knight
8th July Prof. Roberto Cappai  University of Melbourne

"Molecular determinants of alpha-synuclein aggregation and toxicity ­ implications for Parkinson's disease"

Liz Milward
15th July Available TBA  
22nd July
Dr Sukhwinder Sohal
 University of Tasmania

“Epithelial and endothelial cell plasticity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)”

Phil Hansbro
29th July A/Prof. Liz Milward TBA Kathryn Skelding

5th August

Dr Helen Williams
University of Sydney

"Monocytes and macrophages in cardiovascular disease"

Manohar Garg
12th August Prof. David Small
University of Tasmania
“Emerging ideas in our understanding of the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease”Liz Milward
19th August Dr Kelly Clemens“The role of cues in smoking: From behaviour to genes and back again”Chris Dayas
26th August Available TBA  
2nd September Prof Chris Garland
Oxford University
TBA Dirk Van Helden
9th September A/Prof. Julie Atkin
Macquarie University, Sydney
TBA Estelle Sontag

16th September

Dr. Jamie Flynn
University of Newcastle
TBA Kathryn Skelding
23rd September Available TBA  
30th September Available TBA  
7th October Daniella Triani &
Paul Young
University of Sydney
TBA Phil Hansbro
14th October Fatemeh Moheimani
University of Newcastle
21st October Available TBA  

28th October

Prof. Nick Spencer Flinder's University TBA Brett Graham
4th November Available TBA  
11th November Available TBA  

18th November

Available TBA  
25th November Available TBA  

2nd December

Available TBA

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