Our seminars features specialists in the field of biomedical sciences and pharmacy.

2016 Seminar schedule

We offer students the opportunity to attend our seminars which feature specialists in the area of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy.

Location for all seminars: MS202, Newcastle Campus, Callaghan

NEW START TIME: Fridays 12:45 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Seminar enquiries : Kathryn Skelding


18th March

Dr.Andrea Yool,
School of Medicine, University of Adelaide
"Therapeutic potential of novel pharmacological modulators of aquaporin channels in cancer and brain oedema" Neil Spratt
1st AprilNo SeminarTBA 
8th AprilProf Bruce McManus"The Bloody Road to Biomarker Validation and Implementation – A Compelling, Complicated Journey"Darryl Knight
15th AprilSamantha Richardson, PhD - RMIT University"Evolution of transthyretin from uricase to thyroid hormone distributor: implications for multiple sclerosis research"Fatemeh Moheimani

22nd April

Research Accounting SeminarResearch Accounting Seminar 
28th AprilProf George Augustine"Optogenetic mapping of cerebellar circuits"Brett Graham
6th MayAvailableTBA 
13th MayAvailableTBA 
20th MayDr Victor Anggono
Brain Institute
University of Queensland
“Molecular mechanisms of Glutamate Receptor Trafficking”Estelle Sontag

27th May

to later in the year,
date to be advised
(Dr Christina Bursill)
3rd JuneAvailableTBA 
10th JuneAvailableTBA 
17th JuneProf. John Aitken
Univeristy of Newcastle
24th JuneAvailableTBA 

1st July

Prof. Steve Wilton
Murdoch University
TBADarryl Knight
8th JulyAvailableTBA 
15th JulyAvailableTBA 
22nd JulyAvailableTBA 
29th JulyAvailableTBA 

5th August

12th AugustAvailableTBA 
19th AugustAvailableTBA 
26th AugustAvailableTBA 
2nd SeptemberProf Chris Garland
Oxford University
TBADirk Van Helden
9th SeptemberAvailableTBA 

16th September

23rd SeptemberAvailableTBA 
30th SeptemberAvailableTBA 
7th OctoberAvailableTBA 
14th OctoberAvailableTBA 
21st OctoberAvailableTBA 

28th October

4th NovemberAvailableTBA 
11th NovemberAvailableTBA 

18th November

25th NovemberAvailableTBA 

2nd December


2015 Seminar Schedule

March 20th at HMRIDr Nikola Bowden, HMRI, University of NewcastleTargeting DNA repair to overcome chemoresistance in melanoma and ovarian cancer.Kathryn Skelding
April 1st (HMRI, Wednesday 4.30 pm)Special Seminar: Dr Alex Swarbrick , Kinghorn Cancer Center, Garvan Institute, SydneyHedgehog signalling as a novel therapeutic target for triple negative breast cancer.Matt Dun
April 24thDr Annemiek Beverdam, University of New South WalesYAP is molecular switch in epidermal stem cell proliferation and differentiation.Pradeep Tanwar
May 8thDr Jessica Holien, St Vincent's Institute, MelbourneDesigning Protein-Protein Inhibitors.Kathryn Skelding
May 15thDr. Thomas Fath, School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW, SydneyDiversity and Function of the Neuronal Actin Cytoskeleton – Implications in Development and Disease.Estelle Sontag
May 22ndCrystal Naudin, PhD student, School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of Newcastle The Tetraspanin CD151's Role in the Kidney and Mapping of Genetic Modifiers of Glomerular Disease.Kathryn Skelding
June 5thDr Christine Napier, Children's Medical Research Institute, SydneyChromosome end protection and the road to cancer.Kathryn Skelding
June 12thProf Ross Vlahos, RMIT UniversityTargeting novel oxidant-dependent mechanisms to treat acute and chronic lung diseases.Darryl Knight
June 19thProf Russ Chess-Williams, Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond UniversityAnti-cancer effects of alpha1-adrenoceptor antagonists.Dirk Van Helden
June 26thDr Sarah Gordon, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne Synaptic vesicle recycling in health and disease.Phil Dickson
July 3rdAssistant Professor James Elliott, Northwestern University, ChicagoDemystifying the Whiplash Condition - from Protons to Prognosis.Phil Bolton
July 10thDr Jill Larsen, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research InstituteIdentifying 'cooperative' mutations in non-small cell lung carcinoma using immortalised human bronchial epithelial cells.Kathryn Skelding
July 17thDr Nathan Bartlett, HMRI, University of NewcastleThe airway epithelium-immune interface and virus-induced asthma.Kathryn Skelding
July 31stProf Allison Cowin, University of South AustraliaCytoskeletal regulation of wound healing and inflammation.Phil Hansbro
August 7thEmeritus Prof Saxon White, School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of Newcastle The New Physiology of Stress: Claude Bernard, Walter Cannon and Tony Abbott.Kathryn Skelding
August 14thProf Robert Medcalf, Fibrinolysis and Gene Regulation Laboratory, Monash UniversityThe fibrinolytic (plasminogen activating) system: for blood clots or for the CNS?Neil Spratt
August 21stDr Irfan Beig and Dr Ee Cheng Khor - Scientific Liasion Sigma-Aldrich

Latest Trend in Genome Editing by CRISPR/Cas 9.

Kathryn Skelding
August 28thDanielle Bond and Jay Pundavela, PhD Students, School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of NewcastleDanielle:"Post-transcriptional Regulation of Tetraspanins CD151 & CD9 by miRNAs in Breast and Prostate Cancers" and Jay:"ProNGF / NGF and nerve infiltration in prostate and breast cancer".Kathryn Skelding
September 11thA/Prof Kuldip Sidhu, UNSW, SydneyPatient-derived stem cells - new paradigm in human medicine.Peter Howe
September 18thDr Linda Rehaume, Diamantina Institute, University of QueenslandHost immunogenetic background disrupts the relationship between microbiota and gut mucosa leading to spondyloarthritis and ileitis.Phil Hansbro
October 2ndDr Daniel Beard and Dr Trisha Al Mazi, School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of NewcastleDaniel:"The double-edged sword of collateral blood flow in stroke: Presence of collaterals influences the development of intracranial pressure rise, and intracranial pressure rise reduces collateral blood flow" and Trisha"P53 responses to Fludarabine induced apoptosis in hematological malignancies".Damian McLeod and Vikki Verrills
October 9thDr Nikki Verrills, School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of NewcastleBottom Up and Top Down – complementary approaches in oncology research.Phil Dickson
October 16thDr Snezana Kusljic, School of Health Sciences, University of MelbournePolypharmacy, age-dependent physiological changes and risk of falls in older people.Karen Kerr
October 23rdDr Laura Corbit, Brain and Mind Institute, University of SydneyUnderstanding the effects of diet on decision making and the neural circuits underlying behavioural control.Chris Dayas
October 30thDr Yoichiro Otsuka, School of Medicine, Flinders University of South AustraliaBrain neural pathways mediating autonomic physiological response to stress.Eugene Nalivaiko
November 6thA/Prof Luke Henderson, University of Sydney Central Changes in Chronic Pain.Philip Bolton
November 20thDr Mengna Chi, School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of NewcastleBAALC - A Novel Therapeutic Target for Controlling Cancer Cell FunctionsKathryn Skelding
November 27thDr Ashley Mansell, Hudson Institute MelbourneInflammasomes: Friend or Foe?Phil Hansbro
December 4thDr Dusan Matusica,Centre for Neuroscience,School of Medicine, Flinders UniversityModulation of Trk receptor signaling by an intracellular domain fragment of the p75 neurotrophin receptor.Hubert Hondermarck