The School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy prides itself on its reputation as one of the University's most research-intensive schools.

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Dr Nikki Verrills

Biochemistry And Cell Biology - Cancer

Dr Nikki Verrills' research into a key signalling switch in cancer cells could provide an important breakthrough in treatment.

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Dr Kathryn Skelding

Cancer Cell Biology

Dr Kathryn Skelding's research focuses on understanding cancer cell biology, specifically how cancer cells proliferate, metastasise, and develop resistance to chemotherapeutics.

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Professor Rodney Scott

Information Based Medicine

Professor Rodney Scott's research interest is in inherited forms of cancer. His research focuses on the identification of genes associated with with inherited forms of cancer and better defining these inherited entities such that more appropriate intervention strategies can be developed

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Dr Rohan Walker

Neuroscience - Depression

Dr Rohan Walker is advancing a scientific premise that could transform treatment for mood disorders.

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Associate Professor Paul Tooney

Neuroscience - Schizophrenia

Associate Professor Paul Tooney regards his research into schizophrenia as one piece of a complex puzzle that spans many disciplines.

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Dr Murray Cairns

Neuroscience - Schizophrenia

Dr Murray Cairns believes tiny molecules in the brain may be the key to understanding the causes of a perplexing neuropsychiatric disorder.

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Dr Neil Spratt

Neuroscience - Stroke

Delivering cutting-edge treatments to patients is a key motivation for neurology expert Dr Neil Spratt.

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Professor Manohar Garg

Nutrition And Dietetics

Professor Manohar Garg is one of the University's leading Health and Nutrition researchers and has recently been heralded as a revolutionary in his field with two important industry honours.

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Dr Kelly Avery-Kiejda

Oncology And Carcinogenesis - Breast Cancer

Dr Kelly Avery-Kiejda hopes to improve diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer sufferers by identifying new biomarkers for the disease.

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Dr Nikola Bowden

Oncology and Carcinogenesis - Melanoma

Dr Nikola Bowden uses next-generation genetic profiling techniques to unlock the mysteries of melanoma.

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Professor Xu Dong Zhang

Oncology and Carcinogenesis - Melanoma

One of the world’s most eminent researchers in skin cancer, Professor Xu Dong Zhang is a driving force in mapping the molecular pathways of melanoma.

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