How do I submit my documents?

National Police Certificate (NPC)


Your NPC and student ID must be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP). JPs are located in the student hubs around campus. 

Once you have your NPC and student ID certified by a JP you must scan (or using your mobile device photograph) this document and email it from your UoN student email address to with the subject line "UoN Degree Year lastname.firstname.studentnumber NPC".

During your placement you MUST keep your NPC with you at all times.

Central Coast:

Bulk Compliance Day with NSW Health staff will be held on 27 October, 2014

Port Macquarie:

Bulk Compliance Day with NSW Health staff will be held the week beginning 14th April 2014. Information dates will be disseminated via your Placement Officers. . You must present your original NPC, signed CODE OF CONDUCT AND your student identification card. Your certificate number and expiry date will be recorded and the certificate and ID will be scanned by the NSW Health staff. All documents will be checked at this time.

Immunisation Information, Code of Conduct and Student Declaration

FOR CALLAGHAN AND PORT MACQUARIE STUDENTS: The remaining documents need to be scanned into a single file (pdf preferred). Documents include:

  • NSW Health Code of Conduct Agreement - CALLAGHAN STUDENTS
  • Evidence that you have undertaken necessary vaccinations and can provide evidence of immunity (e.g. serology report)
  • NSW Health Form 2. – Tuberculosis (TB) assessment tool
  • NSW Health Form 3. – Student Undertaking/Declaration

* NB: Evidence of immunisation (adult vaccination card is the preferred document to provide evidence of immunisation/vaccination)

Scanning facilities are available in the University libraries.

The file must be named as your University, degree, year, last name, first name, student number (e.g. UoN Medicine YEAR 1 SMITH John 0000000).

Make sure that the pages have scanned clearly and that the writing is legible.

FOR OURIMBAH STUDENTS: Please see info in table below.

Callaghan students: Email the file to

The subject line should include: University, degree, year, last name, first name, student number (e.g. UoN Medicine YEAR 1 SMITH John 0000000).

Included in the body of your email: Last name, first name, student number, university name, degree name, and year.

Ourimbah students: NSW Health Bulk Compliance Day will be held on 27 October 2014.
Details of how to book in will be advertised on BlackBoard.
Port Macquarie students: Email the file to

IMPORTANT: You should keep all of your original documents (including serology reports) and certificates in a safe place. You should take them with you on your first day of each placement as the facility has the right to request to see them.

What if I have only completed some of my immunisations?

Where only partial vaccination has been undertaken for hepatitis B, i.e. at least the first vaccination, you may be eligible for temporary verification and should still submit your documents in order to attend placements. All other specified diseases require completion of your vaccination prior to clinical placement.

What Happens Then?

If your application was not successful you will receive an email from the Local Health District indicating required amendments (e.g. insufficient immunisations, Mantoux/Tuberculin Skin Test (TB) testing required). You must complete these as soon as possible and submit any additional documentation required.