The Faculty of Health and Medicine offers a wide range of funding offers to support our world-class research staff.

Funding opportunities

The Faculty of Health and Medicine understands the importance of supporting research staff in their endeavours to be world leaders in their field.  As such the Faculty and its Schools offers a wide range of funding schemes which are available at various times during the year.

Each year the Faculty provides subsidy funding for users of Australian Bioresources (ABR).   The facility provides capacity to house genetically modified mice that underpin progress in modern medical research. These colonies are critical for progress in research across all health priority areas, including cancer, mental illness, disease of the nervous system, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

These grants provide financial assistance with the costs of travel to attend significant research conferences internationally or within Australia where they can disseminate the results of their research, obtain feedback on their results and initiate/enhance collaborations with other researchers. Recipients must be presenting a paper or giving a plenary lecture at the conference. Follow the links for an Application Form and Report Form.

The Early Career Researcher Grant scheme aims to provide an opportunity for early career researchers to gain experience in preparing grant applications, managing a small research project to provide pilot data for larger grant applications and assisting the research to build a research grant record.

From year to year the Faculty identifies available funding which is used to purchase major equipment to support research activities.  Equipment purchases need to be of strategic benefit to the Faculty and the University.

Applications for Senior Brawn Fellowships are open all year round.

New Staff Grants are aimed at assisting newly recruited academic staff (within 12 months of appointment) to establish their research at the University of Newcastle.  New Staff Grants are negotiated between the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and the relevant Head of School prior to the commencement of appointment.

Each semester applications are called for grants-in-aid to assist research higher degree students experiencing financial difficulty to complete their current program.  The maximum award is $5,000.  This grant is generously supported by donations and bequests provided to the Faculty of Health and Medicine.

The Faculty provides co-funding for scholarships.  Faculty support can be provided by 2 models:

Main Round 50/50 Scholarships

Scholarships are provided by the University of Newcastle in open competition between Faculties based on the academic merit of the applicant.  50% of the scholarship is centrally funded by the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Faculty provides 25% and the final 25% is funded by the supervisor or School.

Faculty Funded Scholarships 

A model that provides more autonomy for the supervisor and Faculty to award scholarships strategically to a project or candidate.  The supervisor provides 50% of the scholarship funding, the Faculty provides 25% and the final 25% is funded by the School, research centre or other source available to the group.  In 2013 the Faculty has set aside funding for 6 of these scholarships that can be awarded anytime during the year. Download the Faculty Funded Scholarships form (Doc, 111KB).

In order to foster research collaborations with other institutions internationally and domestically the Faculty offers a Research Visitor scheme to support travel and accommodation for research visitors from outside Newcastle who will spend a minimum of 1 week in Newcastle.

The Faculty also administers scholarships on behalf of our generous donors.

Stroke, Prostate Cancer, Melanoma, Ageing Well

The purpose of this award is to support study in one of the research programs of the Hunter Medical Research Institute in one of the following areas:

  • Stroke
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Ageing well

The Award benefit is $6,000 per twelve (12) month period. In addition, the Award recipients may apply for support to attend and present a research paper at a recognised National or International Conference. The maximum support granted will be $2,000 towards conference registration, travel and accommodation costs.


The Neville Eric Sansom Scholarship was established by Mr Eric Gregory Sansom and Mrs Alma Sansom (Donor) in memory of their son to encourage and support the development of research in the area of diabetes.

The Scholarship shall be awarded to a research higher degree candidate undertaking research in any area of direct relevance to understanding the causes, treatment or prevention of diabetes.

The value of the Scholarship shall be $6,000 per twelve (12) month period full time candidature (or the appropriate pro-rata reduction for a part-time candidate).

In addition, the scholarship recipients in their final year of study may apply for support to attend and present a research paper at a recognised National or International Conference.  The maximum support granted will be $2,000 towards conference registration, travel and accommodation costs.

This section will be populated once information on School based funding becomes available.  In the interim if you have any queries please contact the Faculty office on +61 2 4921 6005.

Further internal funding opportunities as they become available will be posted to this site.

External funding opportunities directly related to health research can be viewed here.