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The Challenge (as it is known) provides meaningful, hands-on experiences designed to challenge high school students to make a difference in the world by choosing a career in Science and Engineering. We address the take up of science and mathematics in senior high school at its foundations by making science and engineering fun... and competitive!

Recent research has established that young people make important career/ study choices in primary school. The Discovery Day program exposes them to Science and Engineering in an enjoyable and informative way.  

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Current Challenge Partners

Rotary have been a key part of the Challenge since its very inception. The Challenge would not exist without the ongoing support of nearly 2500 Rotary volunteers across Australia. In many regions around the country, local Rotary clubs take a lead role in organising the Challenge, and in more regions still they provide valuable support in collaborating with local businesses, schools, professional organisations and universities to support the Challenge financially and logistically

The Science and Engineering Challenge began as an outreach program of the University of Newcastle to encourage students in its catchment area into studying the enabling sciences and maths subjects in senior high school. In 2005, the Challenge expanded to become a national program.The University of Newcastle continues to provide staff, resources and a large amount of baseline funding to the program, and has partnered with nearly 30 other universities in every state and territory across Australia to deliver Challenge events in their local regions. These partnerships variously include funding, event management, logistics and staffing from partner universities and allows them to bring the Challenge's proven techniques into their catchment areas.

Engineers Australia are long running supporters of the Science and Engineering Challenge. The professional association are represented at a larger number of events across Australia. These include both retired and current engineers from the full spectrum of disciplines in engineering.

The Inspiring Australia (IA) Strategy aims to develop a more scientifically engaged public. The Science and Engineering Challenge is one of the many outreach programs that the strategy supports. The Challenge is proud to continue working closely with IA to deliver the goals of the strategy at both state and national level.

Coal & Allied are longstanding key partners of the Science and Engineering Challenge in the Upper Hunter region of NSW. As well as having supported many Challenge events over the years, Coal & allied have financially sponsored the purchase of equipment for the development of new activities for the Challenge. The Challenge appreciates the relationship with Coal & Allied and are proud to be part of their community outreach program.

The Electric Energy Society of Australia have been supporters of the Science and Engineering Challenge for many years. As well as a history of provide financial backing, they have supported the Challenge in its philosophy of "Create our future, make a difference"

The Science and Engineering Challenge is proud to announce a relatively new partnership with the Author of Engibear's Dream and Engibear's Bridge, Dr Andrew King. The Challenge are now distributors of this fantastic book series which personalises engineering and has enough content that raises children's understanding and awareness of engineering. We hope to integrate Engibear into our Discovery Day program.