The Organising Committee for the 9th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis

Organising Committee


A/Prof. Michael Stockenhuber (University of Newcastle)


Prof. Thomas Maschmeyer (Sydney University)

Scientific program chair

A/Prof. Jianglong Yu (University of Newcastle)


  • Prof Alan Chaffee (Monash University)
  • Dr. Yijiao Jiang (MacQuarie University)
  • Dr Jun Huang (Sydney University)
  • Dr. Danielle Kennedy (CSIRO)
  • Prof. Eric Kennedy (University of Newcastle)
  • A/Prof. Tony Masters (Sydney University)
  • Prof Leone Spiccia (Monash University)
  • Prof Shaobin Wang (Curtin University)
  • Dr. Grant Webber (University of Newcastle)
  • Prof Hongwei Wu (Curtin University)