The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers a strong research profile in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering.

School research

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers an exceptionally strong research profile in the areas of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Software Engineering. Within Electrical Engineering, our research excels particularly in the areas of systems and control theory, and the related areas of signal processing and system identification.

Within Computer Science and Software Engineering, our research is integrated and together with our world-leading and specialised academics, combines theoretical and practical methodologies to reach viable solutions to challenging computational problems.

Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-Based MedicineBioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-Based Medicine

The Priority Research Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-Based Medicine (CIBM) is committed to shortening the process of obtaining novel discoveries to achieve distinctively better outcomes in clinical practice and translational individualised medicine.

Complex Dynamic Systems and ControlComplex Dynamic Systems and Control

The Priority Research Centre for Complex Dynamic Systems and Control specialises in design, control and analysis and performance optimisation for complex dynamic systems.

The Distributed Computing Research Group (DCRG) is focused on investigating distributed and network computing concepts and implementations.

The Laboratory for Dynamics and Control of Nanosystems (LDCN) is a multi-million dollar state of the art research facility dedicated to the advancement of nanotechnology through innovations in systems theory and control engineering.

Intelligent Electricity NetworksIntelligent Electricity Networks

The Centre for Intelligent Electricity Networks (CIEN) is an innovative partnership between NIER and Ausgrid focused on exploring intelligent energy distribution initiatives with the aim of developing technology solutions to meet the challenges of building a more intelligent energy future.

The Interdisciplinary Machine Learning Research Group (IMLRG) investigates different aspects of machine learning and data mining in theory, experiments and applications. Particular emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary projects.

The Newcastle Robotics Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research and training initiative of several robotics related research teams from different research areas including applied mathematics, architecture, computer science, control, electrical engineering, neuroscience, mechatronics and software engineering.

Precision Mechatronics LabPrecision Mechatronics Lab

A multidisciplinary group of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and physicists developing new mechatronic and robotic technologies for fabrication, imaging, and health care

Signal Processing MicroelectronicsSignal Processing Microelectronics

Signal Processing Microelectronics (SPM) is a research centre in Electrical Engineering. SPM conducts work in the areas of high speed FPGA and ASIC implementations; theory-based design and analysis; software tool development; and digital and analog hardware design.

The Telecommunications Networks Research Group is engaged in research and development across a range of new telecommunications technology, in areas such as 4G wireless communication systems, channel coding techniques, Smart Grid Technology, and machine-to-machine communications.