Open Lecture Series for the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Open Lecture Series

Computer Science and Software Engineering

The discipline of Computer Science and Software Engineering plays host to a number of excellent guest speakers from industry and other institutions. These open lectures allow our students a chance to hear inspirational careers successes and provide opportunities to discuss innovative ideas.

  • "Development Processes: From Requirements to Design" - Mr Peter Diggins, Object Consulting (25 March)
  • "Vulnerability Measures on Graphs" - Dr Elgin Kilic, Ege University, Turkey (9 April)
  • "The World Through a Computer's Eyes" - Dr Mira Park (16 April)
  • "Backdoors to Satisfaction" - Dr Serge Gaspers, UNSW (23 April)
  • "Towards a More Computational Mathematics: Rational Trigonometry and New Foundations For Geometry" - A/Prof Norman Wildberger, UNSW (30 April)
  • "The Use of Immersive Virtual Reality for Training in the Coal Industry" - Bruce Dowsett and Matt Farrelly, Virtual Reality Technologies, Coal Services (7 May)
  • "The Proof of the Four Colour Theorem" - Mr Michael Reynolds (21 May)
  • "Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining in Energy Networks" - Dr Adam Berry, CSIRO (22 May)
  • "Touching the Virtual World: Haptic Evaluation, Perception and Discovery" - Dr Shamus Smith (28 May)
  • "How to Draw a Graph, Revisited" - Professor Peter Eades, University of Sydney (4 June)
  • "Revolution. Excellence. Agility. Convergence and Collaboration in the Creative Industries" - Professor Terrence Masson, Northeastern University, USA (14 June)
  • "Can Monitoring of Cancer Helpline Interactions Assist in Providing Real-time Information to Oncology Nurses?" - Paul Morrison (18 June)
  • "How to Protect Privacy" - Jeremy Evans (18 June)
  • "Late Acceptance Hill Climbing Applied in Parallel to the Quadratic Assignment Problem" - Matthew Harris (18 June)
  • "Cloud Economics - A Research about cost effective transition between traditional to Cloud Computing" - Mr Zainul A Masud (12 July)
  • "Human-Centered Visualization" - A/Professor Masahiro Takatsuka, the University of Sydney (23 July)
  • "Engineering Behaviour: Simulation and Model-Checking for Embedded Systems and Robotics" - Professor Vladimir Estivill-Castro, Griffith University (3 September)
  • "How Do Cells "Think"? Why Engineers Can Answer the Questions That Biologists Can't" - Mr David Budden, University of Melbourne (20 September)
  • "Combinatorial Meta-Analysis of Microarray Gene Expression Data and Applications to Prostate Cancer" - Nisha Puthiyedth (2 December)
  • "Genetic Algorithm-Based Ensemble Method for Large-Scale Biological Data Classification" - Mohammad Nazmul Haque (3 December)