In the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, our international research links, teaching partnerships and study abroad programs are key to our operations

International operations

Our international research links, teaching partnerships and study abroad programs form a key part of our operations. As a Faculty, we have a clear international vision and we offer a range of opportunities to current and prospective students.

We strive to develop globally aware experts, who operate in their workplaces with a critical appreciation of the various global issues and processes occurring within dynamically changing environments: global citizens who are sensitive to cultural diversity.

Our alumni achieve on an international stage and include such luminaries as

  • Disney Technical Director Yasser Hamed
  • Maritime expert Dato' Ir Dr Abu Bakar Jaafar
  • The Hague's chemical inspector Dr Awni Al-Otoom.

We currently have more than 600 international students studying within our Faculty. We offer our international students a highly stimulating and safe environment with strong support through orientation events, social activities, administrative help and dedicated International Student Mentors.

An international experience

Our students have the opportunity to participate in a range of study abroad and exchange programs with our international partner universities. Popular institutions with strengths in our area include:

  • Calgary University in Canada (civil engineering)
  • Northern Arizona University (civil engineering and construction management)
  • Arizona University (architecture)
  • New Mexico University (architecture)
  • Norway's Oslo School of Architecture.

Since 2010, Architecture students have had an opportunity to undertake a travel and sketching based course to Europe. The three-week intensive program aims to provide students with a grounding in their disciplines' history by taking in key sites in the evolution of the Classical tradition followed by key sites of the Byzantine, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment also offers several offshore programs at UON Singapore. These programs enable holders of relevant Diplomas from approved Polytechnics to upgrade to a Bachelor degree in Engineering while they continue to work. The Faculty has had a long association with Singapore, especially through the Colombo Plan starting in the 1960's and a number of graduates from the Faculty now hold senior positions in Singapore's government, industry, business and educational institutions.

Various short programs and exchange opportunities are also available through the University's Study Abroad and iLead programs.

Creating a global research community

Our staff are engaged with the international community, having completed their degrees, researched and worked in a range of countries and educational institutions. We also invite an international experience by holding guest lectures and welcoming visiting Professors.

Through our extensive overseas linkages, we are able to offer an important international perspective across the depth and breath of our research project collaborations. Our research linkages also include over 50 agreements with overseas academic and research institutions, tailored to enhance activities within a specific area or research group.

We are currently collaborating within Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Europe, the Americas and Africa, giving our our students and staff excellent opportunities for sharing experiences and knowledge with cutting-edge institutions.