The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment's strong partnerships with industry ensure we continue to provide resourceful, articulate graduates.

Business and industry

The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment's cooperative relationships and strong partnerships with industry ensure that we continue to provide resourceful, articulate graduates who meet the needs of industry in their professional roles.

There are many ways for industry and the professions to become involved, including:

  • involvement in course delivery
  • review and development of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs
  • collaboration on final-year student projects to solve real-world problems

Collaborative final year engineering projects

One of the distinctive features of engineering programs at the University of Newcastle is the final year undergraduate student project, which aims to prepare students for the workplace, with topics based on real industry examples.

For industry, involvement in final year projects provides the opportunity to have solutions developed to real problems. Many industries have become involved in final year projects on a number of levels such as:

  • Topic: the industry partner provides a topic and acts as a co-supervisor for the student
  • Facilities and Resources: the industry partner provides access to specialist equipment and other appropriate resources
  • Sponsorship: industry partners set up a scholarship for the project.

Student placements

Students in all Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) (Building) programs are required to complete 12 and 16 weeks of industry placement, respectively, in order to be awarded their degree.

An organisation that provides student placements can enjoy numerous benefits, including the opportunity to shape the future workforce. View the brochures below to find out more.

Industry Scholarships

Industry Scholarships are five year integrated programs that combine degree studies with industry attachment, providing our scholars not only with welcome financial support throughout their degree but more importantly, with an accelerated start to their careers.

As a sponsor, you take part in the selection process and have access to students of the highest calibre who are able to contribute to company projects without employee on-costs. At the same time, you have the opportunity to introduce scholars to the culture and ethics of the workplace, benefiting both parties. 

The financial benefit of industry scholarships will vary from company to company, however each sponsor's contribution to the University carries a tax incentive.

Find out more about how you can participate in Industry Scholarships at the University of Newcastle.

Industry funded scholarships

Funding an undergraduate or postgraduate scholarship is a mutually productive and successful way for your organisation to collaborate with our Faculty and students. By working with our students, your business has an avenue not only to view the strengths and abilities of potential graduates, but also to enhance the students' preparation for professional practice.

Research higher degree sponsorship

For a relatively small investment, sponsoring a research scholarship gives industry the chance to have a complex problem solved with access to our talented students, staff and state-of-the-art facilities.

There are two main forms of collaboration: the establishment of a project as a Linkage Grant through the Australian Research Council (ARC), through which the ARC provides additional funding to that provided by industry; or direct funding of a scholarship.

If you are interested in supporting a research scholarship or becoming involved in final year projects, please contact Natalie Downing, Associate Director - Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.