Teach Outreach is a volunteer placement program run by the School of Education...

Teach Outreach is a volunteer placement program run by the School of Education. The idea is that schools, early childhood centres and community organisations such as support services for recently arrived migrant students, advertise an activity that would benefit from the support of volunteer teacher education students. The School of Education promotes the activity to students who can select an activity to best suit their development as a teacher.


Teach Outreach has an endless list of benefits for students, the School of Education, and our community partners.

The School of Education benefits by forging closer links with local schools, centres and community groups. Education students benefit from involvement in activities that will enhance their professional knowledge and skills, giving them hands on experience and a unique opportunity to contextualise the content they are learning at University. Participating in the Teach Outreach program can also assist students to stand out of the pack when applying for teaching positions post-graduation. Community partners benefit by having students assist them in implementing activities such as sports carnivals, reading groups, homework support sessions, theatre productions, and school excursions.

Students who participate as Teach Outreach volunteers make links with potential future employers and enhance their professional knowledge, skills, and confidence. Students also receive a certificate and recognition on their Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) for every volunteer opportunity taken up.