News and Events

HERMES Launches World-Class Journal

HERMES has launched the inaugural issue of Historical Encounters. The group's new biannual peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal is dedicated to the empirical and theoretical study of historical consciousness, historical cultures and history education.

Dr Robert Parkes, Convenor of HERMES Research Group and Editor of Historical Encounters, said, "I am proud to say, we have most outstanding editorial board of any history education journal in the world. It has the top professors from around the world and has already attracted scholarship from Finland, Sweden, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands."

The journal invites articles, features, provocations, rejoinders, book reviews and dissertation abstracts. Submissions are welcome from across the fields of public history, history didactics, curriculum and pedagogy studies, cultural studies, collective memory, narrative theory, and historical theory. The Editors of the publication are dedicated to providing open access, so you can subscribe or publish free of charge.

International Visitors

On March 6, 2014, Dr. Thomas Johansson (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) facilitated an interactive one-hour seminar on masculinity studies in Sweden for students and academics from across our Faculty.

Professor Geoff Whitty CBE  has joined our community as the University's inaugural Global Innovation Chair for Equity in Higher Education. He delivered the Occasional Address to Faculty of Education and Arts graduates on 23 April 2014, about the values of excellence and inclusion.

Quality Education in Zimbabwe

In January this year, Dr Stephanie Bengtsson and Dr Jo Ailwood travelled to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to begin fieldwork for the first phase of a research and teacher training project on quality education in Zimbabwe.

The trip was supported by Global School Partners, Children in the Wilderness, and the University of Newcastle. Bengtsson and Ailwood designed a series of qualitative research instruments to capture data on major challenges/obstacles to providing quality education through the school. As part of the initial response to emergent data, Dr's Bengtsson and Ailwood also ran a series of workshops with a view to supporting teachers to have agency and make changes to their work environment. Topics included creating a positive classroom environment, group work and participatory action research.