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Staff in the School of Creative Arts have national and international reputations in performance, creative work, scholarly research and teaching. They are living and breathing creative artists, researchers and/or performers - and sometimes a combination of the three.

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Head of school

Frank Millward

Frank Millward Professor of Digital Media and Arts

Frank Millward explores the intersection between fine art, music and theatre and how technology is turning the arts into a fertile ground for innovative research... read more.

Creative and performing arts

Gillian Arrighi

Gillian Arrighi (Australian performing arts)

Gillian Arrighi specialises in Australian Performing Arts and was invited to join the prestigious Emerging Research Leaders Programme at the University of Newcastle... read more.

Sean Lowry

Sean Lowry (visual art and new media)

Specialising in visual art and new media, Sean Lowry is a Central Coast-based artist, musician and writer, and is Convenor of Honours in Creative and Performing Arts... read more.

Jocelyn McKinnon

Jocelyn McKinnon (experimental theatre & performance)

With a practice-based research focus Jocelyn's three key areas are experimental, community and political theatre... read more.

Fine arts

Brett Alexander

Brett Alexander (fibres and textiles)

Brett Alexander's specific areas of focus are fibres, textiles, material studies and paper media, and also uses found, readymade objects and mixed medie to create his artworks and installations... read more.

Miranda Lawry

Miranda Lawry (arts/health)

Miranda Lawry held an executive position in the Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools (ACUADS) - the arts sectors peak body... read more.

Kit Messham-Muir

Christian (Kit) Messham-Muir (art history)

Kit's research examines the ways in which interpretive practices in galleries and museums impact on visitors' experiences... read more.

Pam Sinnot

Pam Sinnott (ceramics)

Pam Sinnott has exhibited in national and international curated exhibitions. She has had a number of publications in the three leading Australian journals for Ceramics... read more.

Kris Smith

Kris Smith (photomedia)

Kris Smith is an accomplished photomedia artist (having exhibited since 1982). He is acknowledged for his expertise in digital media and multi-media practice.... read more.


Chris Allan

Christopher Allan (voice; Baroque and classical)

Chris Allan specialises in Baroque and Classical period performance and has been involved in many performances using period instruments... read more.

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman (guitar; jazz, world and popular music)

Jim Chapman's latest album, Afro No-Clash, contains eleven compositions performed by a variety of groups including Kabombo Kombo... read more.

Ian Cook

Ian Cook (clarinet; conducting; chamber music)

Ian Cook's research expertise includes conducting opera that has been researched at high levels pertaining to historically informed performance practice... read more.

Helen English

Helen English (piano; Baroque and Australian music)

Helen English's creative work has been shown in Hobart, Leeds and New York... read more.

Rosalind Halton

Rosalind Halton (harpsicord; Baroque and classical music)

Rosalind Halton has performed throughout Australia, Europe, Canada and New Zealand... read more.

John Kellaway

John Kellaway (brass; jazz)

John Kellaway is head of Brass studies, a lecturer in trumpet, and a lecturer in conducting to final year BMus undergraduate students at the Newcastle Conservatorium... read more.

Philip Matthias

Philip Matthias (organ; composition)

Philip Matthias led the University of Newcastle Chamber Choir, Echology, to a wins in the World Choir Games and on numerous international tours... read more.

Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott (music technology)

Nathan's interest lie in the use of electronics & computers from a musical perspective. He has experience in recording live performances, including live national & international multimedia broadcasts... read more.

Anthea Scott-Mitchell

Anthea Scott-Mitchell (cello) 

Vella's diverse output includes works for orchestra, large ensemble, choir, film, chamber music, cabaret, music theatre, and popular music genres... read more.

Colin Spiers

Colin Spiers (piano; composition)

Colin Spiers' research involves the creation of original works and the performance and recording of contemporary musical repertoire... read more.

Richard Vella

Richard Vella (guitar, piano; composition)

Richard Vella's diverse output includes works for orchestra, large ensemble, choir, film, chamber music, cabaret, music theatre, and popular music genres... read more.

Sally Walker

Sally Walker (flute, piccolo; orchestral and early music)

Sally Walker has performed in over twenty countries and numerous composers have dedicated works to her... read more.