Welcome to Newcastle University Law School and to our webpages. I invite you to visit this site and learn more about our faculty, academic programmes, research,

Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the University of Newcastle Law School and to our webpages. I invite you to visit this site and learn more about our school.

As Australia's top clinical law school, we take pride in our strength in experiential legal education - honed over two decades - and the direct translation of that education into successful careers enjoyed by our graduates. A recent focus on research and scholarship has built upon traditional strengths and generated new opportunities: the Juris Doctor and Master of Laws degrees for students and customised clinics for the community, to name a few.

The study of black-letter legal rules and their application forms the staple diet of traditional legal education. Newcastle Law School does that, and more. Our academics draw on insights from other disciplines to enrich their scholarly writing and to provide a wider context to their teaching. The School's distinctive Professional Program integrates the academic study of law with hands-on clinical practice and practical training. Students work with real clients under the expert tutelage of practitioners at The University of Newcastle Legal Centre, which is a practice facility with a footprint extending into the Sydney area. In recent years, the Legal Centre has run innovative programs like the 'Law on the Beach', the Homeless and Law Project, and taken on cases of national prominence involving wrongful detention and serial child murders. To be sure, exposure to live cases and clients elevates the student experience from book learning to a richer understanding of how law works in practice and yields graduates who are very much in demand in the job market. In addition, it does much more - it demonstrates the law's potential for community service, the pursuit of justice, and social change, and reinforces the message that the law is a noble calling.

Across our suite of programs, the educational philosophy is built upon a deep commitment to teaching, which is research-driven and aimed at developing fundamental disciplinary knowledge, analytical capabilities, legal reasoning, research skills, and argumentation techniques. Whether you are a prospective student interested in becoming a legal practitioner, or one aspiring for a career in business, public service, policy advocacy, the NGO sector, international relations, or the media, Newcastle Law School will provide you with a high quality education designed to maximise your chances of success. As an added bonus, you get to study in a beautiful campus close to stunning beaches and the exciting city of Sydney.

The Law School is embarking on an exciting stage of its history. A renewed emphasis on research, internationalisation, post-graduate education, and community engagement coeval with a physical move to new premises in the City's legal precinct are likely to be transformational. Amidst all these changes, we will continue to be guided by the imperative to measure our success by the accomplishments of our graduates, the ability of our research to advance knowledge, and by our contribution to the community.

We hope you can join us in this exciting journey.


Professor Sandeep Gopalan
Dean, Newcastle Law School