Newcastle Business School deliver innovative, world class research through collaborative partnerships with business, industry and government

School research

Accounting and finance

Head of Discipline: Professor Steve Easton
Research in accounting and finance is industry relevant and world class, focusing on accountability and corporate governance, funds management and stock market behaviour. 


Head of Discipline: Professor Martin Watts
Our economics scholars invesitgate monetary and financial economics, macroeconomic theory, agricultural, labour, policy, urban/regional and political economics.

Employment relations and human resource management

Head of Discipline: Dr John Nolan
Research projects in employment relations and human resource management have explored national systems and their effects on enterprises, interest based negotiations, collective bargaining, strategic human resource management, capability development and organisational restructuring.

International business

Head of Discipline: Professor Stephen Chen
Our international business research demonstrates strength in internationalisation and strategic performance, innovation and entrepreneurship, dynamics of intra and inter organisational collaborations, governance and corporate social responsibility.


Head of Discipline: Professor Richard Dunford
The research undertaken by Newcastle Business School in the area of management has made significant contributions to organisation studies, strategic management, interprofessional collaboration and supply chain processes and management.


Head of Discipline: Professor Alison Dean
Marketing has strengths in service and customer management, consumer behaviour, online value co-creation, decision making, marketing to children, digital marketing and marketing research methodologies.

Politics and international relations

Head of Discipline: Dr Robert Imre
In the area of politics, our scholars focus on theoretical and applied political analysis; and they contribute to debates nationally and internationally in the areas of political theory, history of political thought and the politics of social change.


Head of Discipline: Dr Patricia Johnson
Tourism research takes an interdisciplinary perspective to the field by focusing on 4 major areas; regional tourism policy and planning, community engagement, sustainability in tourism and tourism media analysis.