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SnipITs - Issue 6 2008

MacBook Pro


Managing Your Desktop

In 2006 the Managed Operating Environment (MOE) was introduced to simplify the supply and support of computers for the University’s staff and students.

The MOE creates a stable and predictable environment where computer hardware, operating systems and applications are managed and maintained. Users benefit from a consistent workstation with up-to-date software.

IT Services can efficiently diagnose and resolve faults remotely, provide standardised user account management, and deploy updates, patches and new applications instantly across the fleet.

The Customised Requisition System (CRQ) facilitates the leasing or purchasing of desktop and notebook computers. Users can browse and order hardware packaged to suit the everyday user, or request high performance equipment for specialist needs.

Recent additions to the CRQ include six Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro configurations, and three Dell Latitude E6500 configurations (to replace the D630 laptop commonly used). The Dell E-Series notebooks boast integrated web cams, faster processors and larger hard drives.

Towards the year’s end, we anticipate the addition of the lightweight E-Series laptop and revamped desktop configurations.

Desktop Software

All computers are imaged with a suite of standard applications including (but not limited to); Microsoft Office, Endnote, GroupWise, Adobe Reader, web browsers, Sophos Anti-Virus, media file players and CD/DVD burning software. In addition, licences for a number of Microsoft, Adobe and statistical software products can be purchased by the University community.
View a list of available products.

Microsoft Office 2007 is currently being tested by IT Services, with plans to roll it out to University staff by mid-2009. The version features a fluent user interface which exposes commonly used and familiar commands, enhanced graphics, and formatting capabilities. Organisational Development will be running training sessions in the New Year for staff.

SnipITs Stats

Since 2006 the MOE has been used to deploy:,

- over 6000 Dell computers,

- nearly 800 Apple Macintosh computers,

- over 600 networked printers and multifunction devices, plus

- over 800 desktop applications have been packaged, tested and made available for delivery, making the options for users comprehensive and flexible.

Ian Pike
Acting CIO

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