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SnipITs - Issue 5 2008

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IT Strategic Plan 2009 - 2016

The IT Governance Committee (ITGC) has endorsed the development of an IT Strategic Plan 2009-2016 that underpins the University of Newcastle Institutional Strategic Plan (2007-2011) and sets the direction for the future (to 2016).

The IT Strategic Plan will look beyond the current infrastructure and program of works to identify the investments and actions relating to information technology and communication necessary to assist the University achieve its purpose and objectives.

The starting point is listening to the key stakeholders.

A number of consultative workshops will be conducted during September and October. Each of these workshops will bring together representatives from diverse areas of the University to discuss the vision and priorities of each area. Key focus areas are:

- Teaching and Learning,

- Research,

- Student and Community,

- All Campuses and International, and

- Business Systems, Governance & Quality Assurance.

An outline of the process, timeframe and supporting documentation is available at:

Ian Pike
Acting CIO


Your Comments are Welcome

All interested parties are invited to make open comment about any facet of the IT Strategic Plan, or of IT Services, via the ‘Your Comments’ area on the above web page.

If you would like to attend any of the consultative workshops, please contact

Our commitment is to define our future through an IT Strategic Plan that clearly reflects the needs of the University and its community.

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