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SnipITs - Issue 3 2009

switch port cables


Network Milestone

Thursday 23rd July marked a significant milestone in the Callaghan Network Refresh Project (NRP). The last building (McMullin) was successfully connected to the new campus network.

This project has delivered to date:

- installation of a new campus backbone fibre network consisting of 10km of optical fibre cable;

- re-cabling of 20 major buildings requiring over 100km of copper cabling;

- physical unplugging of 7000 data cables from old equipment, and plugging them into newly installed equipment;

- installation of 200 new switch boxes;

- rollout of 2000 IP telephone handsets;

- cabling and installation of 260 wireless access points across the Callaghan campus.

Why is this important to you?

The advantages of this milestone may not be visible in your day to day operations, but behind the scenes we have:

- provisioned capacity for future growth;

- increased the security functionality of the network to protect your environment;

- increased the set up speed of computers for new members of staff;

- improved the capacity for staff to 'plug and play' if they relocate on campus ; and

- established a more resilient network.

Where to from here?

The wrap up of this part of the Callaghan NRP does not see the overall conclusion of the Network Refresh Program.

Some of the projects still in the pipeline are:

- migration to the new network of the following areas - Ourimbah, Pam Collins Data Centre, City Precinct and Newbolds.

- continued expansion of the wireless network; and

- upgrade of buildings with substandard cabling.

Bruce Jones
Manager, Communication Services

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