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SnipITs - Issue 3 2008

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Welcome to the third issue of SnipITs.

With Semester 2 fast approaching, this issue will focus on some processes and services that may be useful to staff and students of the University of Newcastle.

Future issues of SnipITs will cover The Email Gateway and SPAM, and the Network Refresh Program Major Milestone.


BigPond Unmetered Downloads

Firstly, a reminder that BigPond Broadband Members can access, view and/or download any amount of content from The University of Newcastle website ( without affecting their monthly usage total.

This is possible through a unique arrangement between our University and BigPond which recognises our website as an “unmetered” source. Note: Data accessed must be from the University site and not from a linked 3rd party site eg. Library databases.

This can be of benefit to all enrolled students accessing information including podcasts and lectures, academic staff uploading files to BlackBoard and general surfing for information on the University’s website.

RHD Laptops

Following the successful distribution in Semester 1 of 350 laptops to eligible Research Higher Degree Students, IT Services is gearing up for the Semester 2 influx of commencing RHD students.

It is anticipated that up to 100 laptops (Windows and Mac) will be collected by RHD students in the first two weeks of Semester 2.  Each computer has been pre-imaged in line with our Managed Operating Environment.

When a student collects a laptop, details about the installed software and the conditions of use are explained, and a member of staff provides one-on-one assistance to connect the computer to the University network. This process can take up to 20 minutes per student.

CAMS Update

Lastly, but significantly, recent improvements made to CAMS (the University’s Central Account Management System) will expedite the processes involved in setting up accounts for new staff.

When HRS are provided with the necessary information, accounts for staff can be created in advance of the starting date, rather than on the actual day of commencement, providing a more timely “work ready” environment. In addition, Contract (Agency) staff are recognised as “staff”, eliminating the need for the paper based Affiliate form.

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