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Intellectual Property and Copyright  
What is protected under copyright?

The following list while not exhaustive, provides examples to demonstrate the range of material that is covered by copyright:

Books Music Photographs Computer Programs
Journal articles Databases Sculptures Sound recordings
Poems Paintings Plays Broadcasts
Lyrics Cartoons Plans Drawings

What do you need to know about copyright?

Copyright law does not allow you to use an author or creator’s material without permission, except in the following circumstances:

  • When use is considered insubstantial, for example you may quote one line of a song or novel.
  • You only use what is considered a reasonable portion (known as 'fair dealing' under the Copyright Act).
  • The Copyright Act also provides for moral rights. Authorship of a work must be properly acknowledged. The integrity of a work is also protected - that is, there should not be anything done to a work which would detract from it. See the Australian Copyright Council's Information Sheet on Moral Rights (pdf 262kb) for further information.
Using Information Ethically
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