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Current and historical sources

Sometimes your research will require you to find the most current information on a topic. As the publishing time for a journal article is much shorter than for a book, the information found in journals is usually more current.

However, if you are researching an historical event such as the development of Sydney from its beginning as a penal colony, you need to consult both older material including Primary sources – letters and diaries, paintings/photographs, government reports, popular sources such as newspapers, secondary sources such as textbooks and also more recent material – again a mix of primary, secondary, scholarly and popular resources.

Current Sources
Historical Sources
Daily newspaper
Recent publications – books and journals
Current reprinted editions of books
Internet sites – make sure you use a reliable, site which is regularly updated
CLib 2001 – data from most recent Australian Census of Population & Housing

Old newspapers – possibly kept on microfilm
Archived material
First editions of books
Earlier Census data and Muster Records

Planning for Research
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